Ahhhh, I Wrote A Book!

I wrote a book, ahhhh!
Ever since I was a kid, I’ve known that I’ve wanted to write children’s books. I grew up a voracious reader—probably a byproduct of being very awkward and not that popular growing up… I would bury my nose in books and dream of being Matilda, finding Narnia in my closet, or a student at Hogwarts (ok, the last one is still me). Today—deep breath!—we announced my book Juno Valentine and the Magical Shoes on!! I am still in disbelief that I am going to be an author… I’ll share more about the making of the book and how the whole thing came together in a future newsletter but in the meantime it’s available for pre-order online (at Amazon and Barnes and Noble) and will be at bookstores around the US!! Check out the book’s website for updates!
Anyway, just had to share my news and back to regular newslettering!!! 😊
This week, since I’m mentally exhausted from thinking about the book release, I thought I’d do a recap of the top things that people ask me about on Instagram (every day I get about 300 DM asking me about where I got various things for Ren, Tao, etc). I always feel bad if I can’t get to all the DM at once, so prayer-hands-emoji that some of you guys who DMed me get this newsletter!
Tao’s swaddle:! This was the one that resulted in Tao’s cute stretch videos, sigh. I miss those days when he was a portable peanut. He is just about to start walking now which means my life will be chasing after him for the next ten years. Oh, use the code evachen212 when you check out for a discount (I don’t recall exactly what it is) and we’ll donate a portion to charity too. We’ve done Everytown, Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief, Texas Diaper Bank, and more!
Ren’s lunch containers: these are the colorful containers that we use on a daily basis. The ones that Ren rejects her food from :I
Ren’s tile toys: Well, now they’re Tao’s too! We were really lucky that some friends (thank you, Evan!!) gave us their tiles when their kids outgrew them (at like age 10)… now we have plenty so the kids won’t get into fights over them. Actually, who am I kidding, they’ll get into fights about anything, sigh.
Ren’s bookshelves: I really wanted shelves that would make books into art. The ones in her bedroom are these ones: And the ones in the living room are from Crate and Barrel and they won’t tip over, even when a thirteen month old is, say, crawling on top of them somehow.
Tao’s mobile: I love the mobile in Tao’s room because it’s not a typical kids item (actually I think technically it’s for grown-ups). Every morning when we take him out of his nursery, he points at it and touches it and watches it move around 😊
My phone popsocket holder thingy: Alright, this is definitely the blingiest thing I own… (well, maybe not THE blingiest). The budget version of this is a popsocket, btw. It works just as well… just does not have a logo emblazoned all over it!
My cups/plates: They’re from Year and Day! I love them!!! Especially the glassware I ordered! The pieces they make are pretty but at the same time not so precious that if a three year old bangs them together and they break you don’t have a stroke. That actually happened, btw, in case you haven't guessed.
OK, more next week when my brain isn’t a pile of book-addled goo!!! I have it on my To Do list to do another newsletter about beauty, BTW... so if you're bored of kids stuff, hold out for that one :)
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