I am not a slacker, I swear

Guys, I know I’ve been delinquent again. I have been trying super hard to figure out when it’s feasible for me to write one of these newsletters weekly… As a reminder, I started these newsletters to answer questions about what’s on my Instagram (each week I was getting about 500 DM asking where various things (usually related to the kids) were from). It’s definitely calmed down since I started this newsletter so THANK YOU for being patient and knowing that I’ll usually answer questions, eventually, here.
Anyway, at first I thought that Sunday night would be a good night to do these newsletters. Then I realized that Sunday nights are in fact the most exhausting because weekends with two children are… quite draining. By “quite draining” I mean “they suck the life out of my body like a dementor”. By “quite draining” I mean “I literally have to blankly stare into space on Sunday nights for at least 20 minutes to ask myself why weekends are so intensely and uniquely draining.” ANYWAY, so because I rarely go out on Saturday nights (sigh), I’ll be giving Saturday nights a spin.
For this newsletter, I thought I’d just make it a hodgepodge of random things I like. So without further ado, let’s start with a really unsexy pair of socks:
I don’t know what kind of past life I led in which I never ever wore socks but… I really don’t like to wear socks. I like to be barefoot almost all the time (if you look under my desk when I’m at work, I’m almost always barefoot, sitting cross-legged), but especially at home. This, sadly, means that my feet are almost always in a sad, dry, abused state, especially in the winter. I don’t remember how I stumbled across the MIRACULOUS GEL SOCKS but holy moly, one night in these and my feet were SO much closer to baby feet!!
When something is really good, I tend to buy it for the whole family (like I did with this toothbrush) and I got my sister-in-law and mom a pair of these, that’s how much I like them!!
New Tea I LOVE: When I was unpacking in Paris, my friend Shiona who was staying with me was like “uhhhh, what is this Ziploc bag of tea? You realize we’re in Paris? They have tea here.” And I had to explain that I’m picky about green tea, I despise green tea that is fruit flavored, etc. This green tea isn’t fruity at all but has the slightest hint of honey flavor and ginseng. I love it! Ordered two cannisters (that’s 100 tea bags, lol).
Going green: My new year’s resolution was to use less plastic, specifically bottles. I used to drink 5-6 plastic bottles of water a day and, so far, this year I’ve only used 5 plastic bottles! I also have been trying to use fewer paper cups, so I always have one of these Byta mugs on my desk. Of course, I have the millennial pink one ☺
I love this facial: So between being lazy and pregnant and then nursing for 9 months for each kid, I’ve basically slacked on skincare for a solid four years. I’m beginning to inch back into taking care of my skin and the Biologique Remodeling facial at Rescue Spa helped to kick start that. I never got as many compliments on my skin as I did after getting this facial… I don’t know if it was the LED lights, the electric currents, or the tons of facial massage but… the combination works. I think I’ll get this (not inexpensive, alas) facial 4 times a year.
Books: OK, by now it’s an extremely well-known fact about me that I love me some YA fantasy. I’ve been waiting (and waiting, and waiting) for the new Sarah Maas book to come out… and in the meantime I’ve started reading the prequel series to Six of Crows, Shadow and Bone. It’s pretty good!
OK and two quick kiddo things:
Tao isn’t walking yet (he can stand for a few seconds at a time) but, oh boy, can he scoot on this tricycle walker thing! I actually bought it for Ren and she never got into it but glad it’s getting a second life with Tao!
Lola Dutch: It’s about a little girl who is just TOO MUCH. Sound familiar? Ren loves this new book—the illustrations are super charming with little “easter egg” winks to Matisse, Monet, and more
OK, that’s it for now! Both kids are asleep and now it’s onto the fun stuff, like putting away toys, loading the dishwasher, etc. The fun never stops 😉
See you next week!
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