Yes, this is wildly tardy

Oh boy. Here we are again... it's been several months since my last "random stuff I like" newsletter but I am RECOMMITTING TO THEM again!! I'm going to do this minimum once a month, please hold me to it! Slide into my DM to yell at me if I don't stick to my promise, ok?! OK, so without further ado, here’s some stuff I discovered/liked/felt compelled to share!
So I used to be the type of person who would look around at the mess in my apartment and say, "well, if I ever have one full weekend free sans children, I will organize my whole life." Then I was like "wait. when will that ever happen?" Enter the ladies of The Home Edit. I'll share more of their favorite products, but one thing they did that I THANK THEM FOR EVERY DAY is put all our vitamins in this lazy susan which makes my countertop look so much less cluttered. Super random, yes, but surely you guys have realized by now how random this newsletter is, right?
Speaking of vitamins, the kiddos have been taking these elderberry gummies (and so have I). We all teetered on the brink of a cold recently and while we were all super sniffly, none of us got it as badly as we normally do. Was it this vitamin? I can’t say, but you never know!! I also have been eating oranges by the bucketload and—to everyone who said that it’s a pregnancy craving—I am not pregnant!!!
For some reason (probably because the Home Edit told me so, actually), one of my favorite things in life is to decant things from one container to another. Another one of my favorite places is Costco. Which means I always have GIANT containers of soy sauce, olive oil, and various other things to decant into smaller containers. I bought these two oil dispensers recently. They’re glass and somewhat pretty and I use one for olive oil and the other for soy sauce!
I once bought Ren some glitter for a crafting project and OMG never again. This book is all about glitter and Ren LOVES it. Cute and charming, recommend for a four year old.
Ren has very recently gotten into dresses (and generally caring about her lewks). Random utilitarian thing: I often find the shorts that they sell for under dresses are too thick/bulky... These are great to wear under dresses and are super soft.

Another thing I got Ren recently: a Spend/Save/Share piggybank. This piggy bank has three compartments to it: one for saving, one for spending, and one for sharing. I’ve started to give Ren allowances on weekends (literally just whatever change I accumulate throughout the week) and she divvies it up into each of the sections. I told her that saving is for something BIG, sharing is for a gift for Tao, and spending is for art supplies that she can buy when we go to the art supply store on weekends. So far, she loves it!
Lastly, here are the Two Things that people have been constantly DMing me about: 
Reusable cotton rounds: This is one EXTREMELY easy way to reduce waste. Buy two sets of these washable cotton rounds. Instead of cotton balls/cotton pads, use these with your micellar water, toner, etc. I swear by these! You need two sets so you can always have some that are clean while some are in the hamper :)

Hoop earrings: I got a pair of hoop earrings and have been wearing them together on one ear (and a different set of earrings together on the other ear). The hoops are "lab grown diamonds" (aka fake) and not heinously expensive (although not exactly cheap either). 

Okay, okay! That's it for this edition, the shorter I keep it, the more likely I am to do this regularly!! Until next time (and next time, Tom has committed to contributing a few of his favorite things!!)

PS: here's a link to all my past newsletters!!
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