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Ugh, sorry, I’ve been slacking again!!! What are my excuses this time? Let’s see: working on another book (pre-order the first one here or here!), starting a Facebook group for #momlife, and trying to survive while all the people who help me cope with parenting have been on summer holidays (my nanny for a week, my parents for a three week cruise, and Tom at his best friend’s wedding in the UK). But I’m back! Yes!!!
So let’s start with a very random thing that I discovered: REUSABLE COTTON ROUNDS. Yep, that’s pretty much the most random thing I’ve ever going to write about (besides the grape slicer that I love). Lately, I have this very deep existential guilt about waste—probably because, as a parent, I generate so much of it (disposable diapers! Wipes!). So whenever I can make a tiny difference, I really do try to. As I was using a wipe on my face the other day I thought about how brilliant it’d be to have a reusable wipe. Then I was like… wait… that’s a washcloth (#mombrain) and then it led me to pondering reusable cotton pads and how that would be a one zilllllion dollar idea! Yes! I would invent it and become a cotton pad zillionaire! Then I realized, like most of my ideas, someone else is already doing it. Anyway, I bought these cotton round pad things, I tried them, I love them (think I will need two packs of them though so I’ll always have enough clean ones while some are in the wash)! No more disposable wipes for me! One tiny thing for Mother Earth!
Speaking of cleansing, FYI my general theory on cleansing is that it can be the least expensive product in your repertoire since, well, you wash it off. I generally use a cleansing water but lately I have also been using REN toner as well, every other day. I’ve also been battling summer breakouts (I think it was a combination of disgusting humidity and lack of sleep from Ren’s waking-up-at-three-AM period). And I just started going back to Skin Laundry for their laser facials. They’re just 15 minutes, which is great, and they really do work for my skin. You know I love something if I get it for my mom and I have bought my mom three packages (over the course of the last three years) of these facials!! (if you guys try the facial, please say you learned about it from me, so I get the referral credit… I buy my own packages but use the referral packages towards my mom’s facials lol… help me help my mom have nice skin 😊)
On a related topic, other things I’ve liked so much that I’ve gifted my mom are:
These silicone lids: I love these so much… I hate using Saran Wrap, which obviously is awful for the environment—but is also just a horrible user experience… how it sticks to itself when you try to put it on/take it off.
These Athleta fleece leggings: I love these so much I bought some for Virginia Nam on my team too lol. And my sister in law! They are insanely warm. It’s literally 100 degrees outside in NYC right now but buy them now before they sell out which they have every year since I bought them.
Tempurpedic pillows: I sleep so much better on Tempurpedic pillows. One of my best decisions in life was order a set for Tom’s parents so that when we visit England, there’s a comfy pillow waiting for us.
Nespresso coffee machine: I actually don’t drink coffee but Tom basically has an IV drip of it on the weekends. I got my mom one of these coffee machines and my brother too because Tom was such an ardent fan of ours. FYI, Nespresso has a coffee pod recycling system. When you order the pods on their site, you can request a pre-paid pod recycling shipping envelope.  
And this Breville water kettle which is super satisfying to watch boil. You know I don’t get out often enough if I’m enthusing about how fun it is to watch water boil :o
OK, last thing before I continue binging on Bachelor in Paradise…
A book I read recently that I love: Circe. Oh boy, I loved this! (More than the Song of Achilles, the author’s debut). Very poetic but a juicy read too.
A book that Ren loves: Dude. Ren loves this extremely goofy book about a platypus and a shark surfing and having ice cream together. She cackles throughout the entire thing!  
A book that Tao loves: Little Blue Truck Leads the Way. Tao is on the verge of talking and he will hold up this book and say, “Beep beep beep!”
I’m not going to even suggest a book that Tom liked because it will be 3948594 pages about the fall of the Roman empire or about something really morose and serious.  
That’s it for this week!! I will try my darnedest to do another newletter next week amongst the fashion week madness!
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