Brace yourself for the most random list ever.

Between baby gear and children’s books, my last two newsletters have been pretty specific so, from grape slicers to paper towels, this newsletter is going to literally be super random.
Bamboo paper towels: I haven’t used a paper towel at home in weeks! These bamboo paper towels look like regular paper towels (because they’re on a roll and can be put on a normal paper towel dispenser) but each sheet can be reused/thrown in the washing machine and used over and over again. After I use one of these, I wash them and keep a little stack of them next to the sink. I know hand towels are a weird thing to be hyper enthusiastic about but, well, I’m really into these!
Dyson vacuum: My parents went on a THREE WEEK cruise earlier this month (man, I can’t wait to retire) and I’ve been dogsitting good ol’ Otto, our family dog. Ottie actually used to live with us but I was so allergic to him (waking up every morning with swollen shut eyes level of allergic) that he had to go to my parents. To be honest, he preferred living with my mom and dad anyway because they would literally make him fresh poached chicken for meals and treat him like a little prince. Anyway, Otto coming to stay with us meant that I reverted back to eyes swollen shut levels of allergies. This HEPA vacuum has REALLY helped, we use it twice a day and it’s amazing how teeny tiny the particles of dust/dirt it can capture. It also comes with all sorts of different attachments to get into every nook and cranny. Emptying the waste canister of this vacuum is so grossly satisfying!
Breville Kettle: I really love this kettle because it’s glass and you can see the gradual heating of the water into a roiling bubbling boil. We’ve used this kettle twice a day for the last two years and it hasn’t let us down yet (although now that I’ve typed those words, it’ll probably break).
Muji toaster: Muji’s description of this toaster is “The shape of this toaster is square-round”, lol. This little toaster just handles two slices at a time. Not going to lie, the reason I got it is because it is really chic and elegant! But it works really well and when it ejects the toast it literally propels it in the air like six inches. It’s like the jack-o-lantern of toasters ☺
Nails Inc nailpolish remover: I would rather have no nailpolish on than chipped nails. I always travel with this polish remover—it’s super fast (you just dip your finger into the spongy pot and swish it around). By the way, for those of you are curious, my manicure rules are as follows: always get a manicure with your own polish you bring to the salon, so you can touch up chips later in the week if you need to, make sure they clean the nail properly before base coat with acetone. And alwasys reapply topcoat every two days. I can usually get my manicures to last six or so days.
Sonicare Diamondcare toothbrush: When I love something I literally buy it for my entire family. So far, my parents, brother, sister-in-law, and Tom have all gotten this toothbrush from me as a gift. After you use this toothbrush, you can’t go back to regular toothbrushes. I forgot my Sonicare on a recent trip to Europe and when I realized, I fell to my knees and howled NOOOOOO (well, almost. I calmly called the concierge and asked them for a toothbrush and dejectedly brushed my teeth every night with the inferior brush).
Athleta fleece leggings: Like I said in the previous post, if I like something I buy it for, like, everyone. I’ve bought these for my mom, sister-in-law, Virginia Nam, and made my friend Michelle buy them too. They are next level warm and perfect for NYC winters. Trust me on this one!
7 AM Enfant muffs: While we’re on the topic of warm and cozy things, buy this for any friends who are having a baby this winter (or if you’re having a baby this winter and haven’t registered for these yet, do so ASAP!). These are basically giant mittens that you Velcro onto your stroller handles.
Ginormous California Baby Handwash: With two young kids who are basically teeming with germs from the playground/playdates/school/life, we go through handwash like CRAZY in our household. During a bout of hand-foot-mouth (do not google it. Seriously. Do NOT) that Tao/Ren/I all had during which we literally went through a bottle of handwash a day, I starting getting this extremely satisfying, giant size of California Baby’s unscented handwash which we decant into smaller handwash pump dispensers.
Strawberry huller and Grape slicer: I don’t recall how I learned about the existence of strawberry hullers, but this little guy is really helpful in the mornings when I’m hastily making Ren’s lunch and hurling food into her lunchbox, same for the grape slicer-in-halfer. Making lunches (and seeing what comes back/what she hasn’t eaten) and bedtime are two of the most immensely stressful parts of my day, incidentally.
Okay, that’s it for this week. I am hoping by writing slightly shorter missives, I will do them more frequently!
Thanks for reading and happy shopping,
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