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Okay, okay, so one of my 2019 resolutions was to dive back into this newsletter. When I launched it with the original baby list, I never expected to amass such an audience (20K of you, holy cow). I mean, thank you!!! I wanted to keep up the weekly cadence but then Tao started becoming (insanely) active and my book tour (all 26 stops) took over my life, and then I got a cold and then, fine, fine, it’s all excuses. But it’s 2019 and I am RECOMMITTING!
So let’s start by talking about a few of my 2019 resolutions…
Take better care of my teeth
Is that the least sexy New Year’s resolution, like, ever? Probably. Basically I hate going to the dentist with a fiery passion (even though I love mine! She’s the sweetest! Dr. Olga on lower Fifth Avenue, Allure Dental is her practice. Tell her I sent you!). But 2019 is going to be the year of NO CAVITIES. To that end, I got a Waterpik. The first time I used it, it literally sprayed all over my face and bathroom but I’ve gotten the hang of it now and I do think it cleans teeth really well.
I also will continue to evangelize for my Sonicare Diamondclean. I accidentally left it at home on my last business trip and was depressed for three days straight, sigh. There will come a point, I’m sure, where I literally have to travel with both a Diamondclean and a Waterpik and that is how I will know I’ve fully reached old lady status.
Even though I Waterpik every night now, I still floss once a week or so… I honestly don’t know that this floss is better than regular floss but SO many of my followers told me it is so there you go, I was #influenced. It’s called Cocofloss and it does have pleasant millennial-friendly packaging lol.
Omg, are you sick of me talking about dental hygiene yet? The last two steps of my dental hygiene routine are tongue scraping (it is so gross but I do feel that my mouth feels fresher in the morning) and mouthwash. Dr. Olga says it’s best to use an alcohol-free mouthwash, because alcohol inflames the gums… so I’ve been using this Listerine. I kind of miss the burning sensation but I guess that wasn’t the best thing for my gums.
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Well, I mean, I don’t know that I had to make that a formal resolution but basically recommitting to reading every single night before I go to bed. When I was on book tour, even if I was completely spent, I would still read a page or two of something. I realized that it’s my form of self-care, doing something solely for myself and my own enjoyment. Sounds selfish but it’s absolutely necessary to be selfish sometimes. My first recommendation of the year is Spinning Silver: it’s a retelling of Rumpelstiltskin. Well-paced and well-written and overall a great book.
If you’re looking for something to read to your kids, here’s a shameless plug for my latest book, A is for Awesome. It’s a companion book for Juno Valentine and an A-Z guide of awesome women you should know! Because it’s a board book it’ll withstand drool, vomit, hurling/throwing, sandpits… If you’d like a personalized copy, check out Books of Wonder in Chelsea. They ship internationally too! (As does Amazon, but they’re not signed copies).
And this last product has absolutely nothing to do with either of those resolutions but it’s nifty: a little roller stamp that covers your sensitive (ie: stealable) info! I use it to cover up bank account numbers etc before I then shred the documents. You can never be too safe!!
OK this has been a really crazy practical newsletter and I fully anticipate a whole bunch of you to unsubscribe, haha!
Just to add 1% of beauty into this newsletter, here is a gratuitous beauty product… When I was in Paris, a makeup artist I worked with used this product on me and it is just about the prettiest, shimmeriest but not disco-ball eyeshadow ever. I love it!! Aura Dew by Shiseido… Gives you an Instagram filter eyes 😊
That’s it for now, ‘til next time!!!
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