Random Stuff I Like, V2

Hi everyone!
I’m trying REALLY hard to keep up with my newsletter resolution. Thank you to the nearly ten thousand of you who have signed up, it really boggles my mind that so many people want to hear my semi-lucid, sleep-deprived ramblings. Thus far we’ve covered baby stuff, kids books, beauty products, travel with kids… so I figured it’s time for another list of eclectic things I like.
Let’s start with something that constituted a wild and crazy Saturday night for me…
Tea organizer: LOL, did you catch that the previous sentence was total sarcasm? We basically don’t go out on weekends because after we wrestle our children to bed (in Ren’s case there is sometimes actual wrestling involved, sigh), we are nearly catatonic. Anyway, we used to have a crazy jumble of tea boxes/bags taking up a ton of room in our kitchen. This tea organizer has helped clear up a ton of space! And on a future wild and crazy Saturday night I will break out my label maker and label each compartment.
Magna-Tiles: I first learned about Magna-Tiles when I spotted Instagram’s CTO’s adorable son building houses out of these magnetic tiles (hence Magna-Tile). I figured, well, if this smart tech guy’s kid is playing with these, then Ren should too! We bought her first set for her second birthday, she only really got into it around 2.5 though. And now, at 3, she is OBSESSED. They’re not inexpensive (because, frankly, you need more than 32 to really build satisfying structures) but from what all my friends say, she’ll be into them for years so… a good investment. (And now Tao loves them too, although mostly he smacks them around and screeches).
Tissue boxes: Considering I had pneumonia in November/December and am currently battling some sort of dreadful cold/sinus situation… I’ve been using a lot of tissues. Staring at tissue boxes while coughing one’s lungs out… you realize that most of them are not that cute. So I ordered these nice tissue boxes to make the situation more palatable ☺
Skinfix ointment: Also, considering how long I’ve been sick… You can imagine how red and chapped my nose got. I used this stuff, like, twice and my nose was healed! No more flakes.
Doterra OnGuard: So many lovely followers suggested this immunity-boosting essential oil blend after I spent a full 24 hours moaning on Instagram about being sick. We’ve been diffusing this and—knock on wood—we’re all healthy right now. Coincidence? Probably. But I will LITERALLY DO ANYTHING to stay healthy at this point, so bring it on!!!
Tile key finder thing: Last Christmas I passive-aggressively bought this for Tom because he always asks me where his keys are… He still asks me where my keys are but significantly less. I ended up buying them for my mom, dad, and myself as well! They can find your keys… and your keys can find your phone! What else do you need!!
Horrible ball toy thing that both kids love: My parents gave this to Ren and honestly… it’s super annoying in so many ways. The music is loud and gets stuck in your head worse than any Maroon 5 song. The balls fly EVERYWHERE. But… of course, the kids love it with all their hearts and so… I kept it :/
Pro-tip: buy an extra pack of balls because the balls seriously go everywhere, please trust me on that.
Foam roller: Lugging a 37 lb three year old around and a 22 lb eleven month old has been, er, taxing for my back and entire body. Tom’s parents got me a foam roller for Christmas and my back feels so much better.
Guys, is this the most lame email newsletter ever? Tissue boxes? Foam rollers? TEA ORGANIZERS? LOL, I’ll try to do better in the next newsletter, promise.

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