And we're looking for an Engagement Editor  

Dear <<First Name>>,

We normally send you news stories from the Correspondent, but today we'd like to share big news about the Correspondent itself:  we now have more than 40,000 paying members in the Netherlands!

In this article, you can read more about lessons learned along the way.  (We also explain what caused that membership blip you see in October 2014.)

All these new members make new in-depth stories and documentaries possible!  And it means we're able to translate more articles into English, to bring the Correspondent's brand of constructive journalism to a wider audience.

For that last step, we could use some help.  Because not everyone is like you, a pioneering reader of the Correspondent in English.  That's why we're looking for an Engagement Editor to help us foster an English-speaking readership for our stories.  

Read about the Engagement Editor position here


Thanks and until next time!

Ernst-Jan Pfauth
Cofounder and Publisher

The Correspondent
Weesperzijde 94
1091 EK Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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