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Dear Friends and Family,

Just two short years ago, All One Ocean installed our very first Beach Clean Up Station (BCUS) at Point Reyes National Seashore.

Since that historic day, we’ve installed seven more Beach Clean Up Stations in five California counties, with eight more approved for the San Francisco Bay Area and Hawaii.
In total, we’ve stopped over 760 pounds of trash from going into the ocean.

And we’re ready to increase our impact. Our vision is to have Beach Clean Up Stations at every beach and water’s edge around the world.  
With your support in 2014, we plan to set up 100 more BCUS by reaching out to major hardware chains, coffee companies, national, state and county park services. We’ll engage even more volunteers, students, and institutional partners in educational, inspiring, and community-building cleanup programs. And we’ll continue to tirelessly advocate for pollution reduction in our most precious resource, the ocean.

Help keep the momentum going with a gift to All One Ocean. Your gift represents an investment in our shared future.

Read on for more about our recent accomplishments.
New BCUS in Sonoma County
Thanks to the initiative of Phil and Jean Warren (right with the BCUS at Doran Beach), All One Ocean has now expanded to Sonoma County.

With their dedication and the partnership of The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, two All One Ocean Beach Clean Up Stations have been installed at Bodega Bay.

Recently Phil wrote, "From a distance, the ocean is an uncluttered expanse and the beaches are pristine white sand. But up close, things are not so well. The ocean has become a dumping ground for almost anything that we want to 'disappear', leaving us
with a toxic soup of chemicals and plastic debris that can injure or kill marine life. Of course, the answer is to stop polluting the ocean and we can help that cause by Reducing, Recycling, Reusing, and Refusing. But we still have to contend with the debris that is floating around the ocean and washing up on our beaches every day."

That's where our Beach Clean Up Stations come in!

He continued, "Walking on the beach, carrying a bag to pick up trash, we often get asked what we are collecting. When we explain that we're picking up beach trash, they proudly say that they pick up trash once a year on Coastal Cleanup Day. The All One Ocean Beach Clean Up Stations now make it easy for people to help clean up beaches every day." 
48lbs Trash Removed from Horseshoe Cove Beach
Speaking of cleaning up beaches, our October 23rd Beach Clean Up and Community Meeting was a great success! In about an hour, we removed approximately 48 pounds of garbage off Little Horseshoe Cove Beach in Sausalito or Liwanelowa as the Miwok, the Native Americans indigenous to that area, called it.

We gathered together to share AOO news and pay gratitude to this special place. The more we honor and call in the peoples who have lived sustainably, all over the world, the better chance we have to live by their example. It was an honor to clean this beach and see the birds and harbor seals that call the cove home.
Approximate weight: 48 pounds

    5  needles
    7  medical gloves
  85  plastic bags
103  shot gun shells
106  straws
251  cigarette butts/plastic tips
320  styrofoam pieces
All One Ocean's mission is to have Beach Clean Up Stations installed on every beach and water's edge until there is no longer a need. To that end, we will be pursuing the partnerships of both corporations and global environmental organizations in 2014. Beach Clean Up Stations can be as common as dog waste stations.
The more you give, the more Beach Clean Up Stations we can have installed, the more people will learn of our organization and what they can do to make incremental changes in their behavior that collectively create significant change. This makes all the difference to the harbor seals and birds that live in Little Horseshoe Cove.

Our work depends on your support.  Please give as generously as you can this holiday season. We thank you, the Ocean thanks you.

For the Ocean,

Hallie A. Iglehart, Founder,
Lauren W. Weiner, Director &
The All One Ocean Team
Did You Know?
The Ocean covers about 71% of the Earth's surface and contains 97% of the planet's water, yet more than 95% of the underwater world remains unexplored.  The Ocean and lakes play an integral role in many of the Earth's systems including climate and weather. It also absorbs man-made carbon and provides us with food.
The Ocean produces 70% of the Earth's oxygen and most of the creatures on Earth live in the sea.
AOO's Upcoming Events:
12/7    California Institute of Integral Studies "Eco Footprint" Class
1/8      AOO Presentation at Earth Island Institute
1/12    Amala Foundation Beach Clean Up
2/11    Environmental Youth Forum
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