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Dear Friends,

Can you believe what we've done together on a shoestring, with a mostly-volunteer team, in three short years? See the map below of many of our Beach Clean Up Stations (BCUS)!

All One Ocean is proud of everything we’ve accomplished in service of the Ocean — everything you’ve already made possible — so that sea turtles feed on jellyfish, not plastic bags. 

So that albatross give food, not cigarette lighters, to their young. 

So that humans eat healthy seafood, not fish with pieces of plastic in their bellies.

Now, we’re ready to expand.

With your support, we can answer the increasingly insistent call from all around the world for our leadership in installing Beach Clean Up Stations.

More and more, governments, community groups, and students are seeking to replicate our BCUS model: simple, permanent boxes installed on shorelines, containing reusable bags for picking up litter.

We're ready to respond. But we can’t get our message or our model out into the world, at the level we know is possible, without also growing our capacity.

That’s where you come in.

Every dollar you donate this spring will be leveraged to the maximum, to bring BCUS to more beaches; to create stronger partnerships; and to build our internal capacity to spread AOO’s simple, transformative tool.

Your tax deductible donation of $20, $50, $100 or more will give us the fuel we need to build partnerships and mobilize communities towards a healthy Ocean.

Thanks to all of you who have already donated to our Spring Fundraising Drive, we’re on our way to our goal of $30,000.

You’ve helped us come this far. Will you join us as we continue to grow?

As always, thank you for your support – we wouldn’t be here without our community of allies, friends, and fellow Ocean-lovers. 

For the Ocean,

Hallie Austen Iglehart
On behalf of the All One Ocean Team: Lauren, Pamela, and Susanne

As of April 2014, All One Ocean has installed eleven Beach Clean Up Stations in the San Francisco Bay Area and Hawaii. Nine more have been approved and are coming soon.
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