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Let’s think about the idea of a drop in the Ocean.
Because sometimes it can feel like all our efforts to clean up the beach, to educate students, to inspire beachgoers to take responsibility, are just one little drop in a vast sea.
But what does a drop do, when it lands in the Ocean?
It creates a ripple.

One little droplet of water creates motion. It creates energy.
As other droplets fall, that ripple gains momentum and gathers power. It becomes a wave.
Photo Credit: William Henry
Your support for All One Ocean - as we work towards the day when Beach Clean Up Stations (BCUS) are as common as regular trashcans - is like those drops that, together, form a powerful wave.
This season we're excited to announce a generous matching gift opportunity, where a generous donor will match every dollar donated to AOO up to $15,000. When you give today, know that your impact will be doubled.

You can also give the gift of a healthy Ocean! Donate on behalf of a friend or loved one and we will notify them of your matched gift.

All One Ocean is a grassroots organization. We rely on volunteers. We coordinate and install our BCUS on a shoestring budget.
The AOO Team poses with the newly installed Beach Clean Up Station in Stinson Beach on July 23rd.
(from left) Phil Warren, Hallie Iglehart, Lauren Weiner, Sofi Rox, Marcelina Martin, Sita Khufu, Kirsten Marquette and Scott Tye
But because of you, we were able to install our 15th Beach Clean Up Station to date, with many more in the works (above, links to our article in the Marin Independent Journal.

And we have fielded requests for BCUS from Lebanon, the Netherlands, the U.K. and Germany, not to mention numerous locations here in the U.S.
What fuels our growing success? Two things --
First, our knowing that one less piece of trash on the beach is one less piece of trash in a creature’s stomach. Every time we remove garbage from the shoreline, we’re taking action to protect the birds, dolphins and fish, and even the plankton and microorganisms.
                                                  Photo Credit: Chris Jordan
Second, and most important, is you. Your generosity, your belief in our mission and in the power of one drop of water to make a wave, gives us the strength we need to keep taking action.
So here on Giving Tuesday, we invite you to make a generous donation to All One Ocean.

Our team will powerfully leverage every dollar you offer to install more BCUS, build stronger partnerships, and educate and empower students and adults alike to clean up the beaches.
And you’ll get to watch in 2015 how your drop joins with so many other drops to become a great wave of Ocean protection.

With all this talk of waves and beaches, let's get out there! Come join the All One Ocean crew, Surfrider and San Francisco State for a...
Beach Cleanup
Sunday, December 7th from
10am - 12pm at

Ocean Beach in San Francisco
Stairwell 17

For more information or to RSVP contact Katie at
So join us - and let’s build our momentum together for a clean, healthy Ocean.
With Gratitude, 

Hallie Austen Iglehart &
Lauren Winters Weiner
and the All One Ocean Team
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