IAMIC Annual Meeting, Conference & General Assembly 2015 - Basel, Switzerland

Welcome to the IAMIC Annual Meeting in Basel, a city with a unique location on the border of two neighbouring countries, Germany and France. Basel is widely acknowledged as Switzerland's city of culture and for good reason, with visitors confronted by art at every turn - whether simply wandering through the streets of the Old Town or visiting one of the city's nearly forty museums. Music plays an equally important role and has a long tradition. One of the biggest supporters of the music scene was Paul Sacher whose foundation we are going to visit on Monday. Basel is lucky to have nice neighbours - not only because of the feeling of affinity that crosses international borders, but also because of the beautiful countryside and delicious culinary culture surrounding the city. In scarcely any other cityscape in the world are historic buildings from the 15th century so harmoniously blended with modern buildings designed by internationally-renowned contemporary architects. Basel's Old Town is one of the prettiest and most intact in the whole of Europe. However, the city is also open to the new. In the last decades the city has grown into a veritable Mecca for lovers of architecture. The river Rhine is the true lifeblood of Basel and the city's enduring landmark. As one of the most important trading routes, it has had a huge influence on the development of the city. Today it contributes greatly to the quality of life the city offers its inhabitants and visitors alike.

Organising team IAMIC AM 2015 Basel
Urs Schnell & Gregor Hoffmann


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  • Womex 2015
    Budapest, Hungary | 21-25 October 2015


IAMIC will participate at WOMEX 2015 with a network stand open to all members.
IAMIC has already registered a double stand (no 1.59 & 1.60).

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IAMIC Member news

Greece | Institute for Research on Music & Acoustics


The MINSTREL project was completed with a Final Partners' Meeting that took place in Corfu Island, Greece from 18 to 21 July 2015.

[Workshop on dissemination of music works]

The following events took place during the Corfu Meeting:
-Workshop on dissemination of music works, from the Panteion University at the Ionian Academy, Corfu, Greece on 19 July 2015,
-Electronic Miniatures Concert at the Ionian University-Department of Music Studies, Corfu, Greece on 19 July 2015,
-MINSTREL partners' final working meeting on 20 July 2015.

[MINSTEL Partners during Final Working Meeting Corfu]


Luxembourg | music:LX Luxembourg Export Office

The Luxembourgish Export Office for music has just released a compilation of classical/contemporary music, featuring a selection of the best musicians from the country. If you wish to get a copy of the CD you can write an email to:

The Luxembourgish Export Office for music and the Luxembourg’s Philharmonie have organized the first Luxembourg Classical Meeting on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Philharmonie’s opening.

This Festival, held at the Luxembourg’s Philharmonie on the 25th and 26th of June, showcased some of the best Luxembourgish artists (the baroque ensemble Artemandoline, pianists David Ianni, Cathy Krier, Jean Muller and Francesco Tristano, the Trio Koch, the contemporary music ensemble United Instruments of Lucilin, clarinetist Max Mausen, and the opera singers Claudia Moulin and David John Pike). They performed for an audience of representatives of concert halls, festivals, recording companies and artistic agencies who have traveled especially for this purpose from 21 different countries around the world.

New Zealand | Centre for New Zealand Music – SOUNZ

SOUNZ Centre for New Zealand Music champions the music of Aotearoa/New Zealand by collecting and curating resources, connecting them with audiences and collaborating with partners towards shared goals.
In June, SOUNZ called for scores for the NZSO-RNZ Concert-SOUNZ Recordings 2016. This key SOUNZ project, in partnership with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and Radio New Zealand Concert, produces new recordings of orchestral music for public broadcast and online streaming. You can listen to previous recordings at SOUNZ online here.
The Christchurch Symphony Orchestra (CSO) premiered Ko te tātai whetū (Concerto for Taonga Puoro) in June. The first ever concerto for solo taonga puoro (traditional Māori instruments) and orchestra was composed by Philip Brownlee in collaboration Ariana Tikao. A video recording of the concert will be available for viewing on SOUNZ online in late August.
In July SOUNZ’s Executive Director of five years, Julie Sperring left the organisation to explore opportunities overseas. She has been replaced by Diana Marsh, a former Manager of the New Zealand String Quartet and former General Manager of Orchestra Wellington. She is also a Trustee of the Lilburn Residence Trust.
At the beginning of this month, SOUNZ filmed a new workshop project with St Matthew’s Chamber Orchestra which provided young NZ composers with the opportunity to have their music workshopped by the orchestra, led by conductor Michael Joel. The SMCO-SOUNZ Composer Workshop is a new collaboration between the Orchestra and SOUNZ, and aims to create a collection of high quality resources for composers, non-professional orchestras and orchestra directors, to enable them to collaborate on new commissions in the future.
The SOUNZ Contemporary Award winner will be selected for the 18th time in September. The Award is a project of Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) and SOUNZ. See information about the past winners and finalists and listen to their works at SOUNZ online.


Norway | NB noter - National Library of Norway

We have started the work on publishing previews of the works available from NB noter. We did a pilot in June, and our aim is to make all 9000 works available within a year.
This fall we have started publishing and updating biographies on Norwegian composers on Wikipedia, where we also link to the composers’ list of works in our catalogue.
In June we presented our sheet music publishing service at the IAML (The international association of music libraries) conference in New York in order to make music libraries around the world aware of the service.

To present contemporary music to music students, we are regularly visiting music academies with a travelling exhibition comprising over 1000 scores. This turns out to be a successful initiative, as we experience that the students are very interested in discovering new music. Next up is the music academy in Stavanger.

Poland | Polish Music Information Centre

“Tradition and New Music”
2014 IAMIC Meeting and Conference proceedings
The proceedings of our Książ conference and concert, which were connected with the Oskar Kolberg anniversary celebrations through the theme of traditions in new music, are ready.
We found the conference papers very interesting and extremely inspiring. All our speakers painted a comprehensive and diversified picture of the historical background as well as present-day issues related to traditional and folk music in their countries. The wide and immensely interesting spectrum of problems and ideas followed by a wonderful concert resulted in a highly successful and compelling experience. We have decided to share the results of our annual get-together in the form of a post-conference publication. It consists of a concise résumé of our programme as well as of all complete conference speeches and the concert programme notes. The book will be presented at the next IAMIC Meeting. Enjoy your reading!
[“Tradition and New Music” book cover, designed by Jerzy Matuszewski]

58th International Festival of Contemporary Music
Warsaw Autumn – 18-26 September 2015
The defining term of the 58th Warsaw  Autumn’s programme is dynamistatic.
This neologism hints at the ambiguity of the crucial musical notion of dynamics. In music, pure dynamics or statics cannot be abstracted: one seamlessly leads into another; music can be static and dynamic at the same time. A good example of that concept is a mountain stream, with its endless mutability of acoustic events. You may look at and listen to it, and after a while you are gazing at it and immersed in its sound. The sound and rhythm of the water stream are always different and yet the same. They change continuously and unchangeably.

They change unchangeably?!
Yes indeed…
More information at:
[2015 Warsaw Autumn poster, designed by Adam Dudek]

Polish Composers’ Union (PCU / ZKP) – 70th anniversary
In 2015 the Polish Composers’ Union (PCU / ZKP) is celebrating its 70th anniversary. Founded in 1945 as a continuation of the pre-war Association of Polish Composers (est. 1925), it was first chaired by Piotr Perkowski, with Roman Palester, Stanisław Wiechowicz and Witold Lutosławski as board members. Originally the Union was open to composers only, until 1948, when the Musicologists’ Section was added along with the PCU’s Youth Circle.
On 19th-20th June 2015, the PCU General Assembly elected Mieczysław Kominek, Director of POLMIC, as the new President of the Polish Composers’ Union. Krzysztof Penderecki, the most famous living Polish composer, was named Honorary President of the PCU.
The General Assembly was accompanied by the “Anniversary Triptych”, consisting of three events: the gala concert “Our Seventh Decade Together” with the participation of authorities and co-operating institutions at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, the “Unusual Concert” at the Centre for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, and “A Musical Picnic at the Iwaszkiewicz House”, held at the Anna and Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz Museum at Stawisko near Warsaw.
To mark the Union’s Anniversary, POLMIC has prepared a book (in Polish) dedicated to The Polish Composers’ Union – Seventh Decade 2006-2015, which continues the idea of two earlier PCU monographs published in 1995 and 2006. The book is due for publication in September. In co-operation with the Institute of Musicology, University of Warsaw, POLMIC will also hold a conference on The musical languages of contemporary Polish composers: self-reflections (University of Warsaw Library, 25th-26th September). The conference is a “Warsaw Autumn” 2015 fringe event. The language of the conference is Polish, but simultaneous interpretation will be available for speakers of English.
[Krzysztof Penderecki – Honorary President of the Polish Composers’ Union, Mieczysław Kominek – President since 2015, Jerzy Kornowicz – President 2003-2015, photo by Marta Karska]

Portugal | Portuguese Music Research & Information Centre

  1. Radio broadcast, Antena 2 (Portuguese National Radio)
    June 6, at 1h00 a.m. 
IAMIC CD, Tradition and New Music
on the Música Hoje (Music Today) programme
During this edition of Música Hoje (Music Today) we featured Portuguese works from the 20th and 21st centuries, creating a connection between traditional and new music. We thus presented pieces by various Portuguese contemporary composers pointing out some paths for the reinterpretation and reinvention of the universes of fado, Portuguese guitar and Portuguese popular music. In this context, among various examples, the programme included the premiere recording of Momentos-Memórias II (1984-2014) by Cândido Lima, which was realized during the concert Tradition and New Music last year in October in Poland. It was recommended for this occasion by the Portuguese Music Research & Information Centre.
The programme is now available on RTP Play.
Música Hoje (Music Today) is a radio programme presented, realized and produced by Miso Music Portugal and the Portuguese Music Research & Information Centre, returning after 15 years to the Antena 2, every month, fortnightly on Saturdays at 1 a.m. The new edition of Música Hoje is dedicated, above all, to Portuguese new music, putting side by side the creation of composers from various generations.
  1. Música Viva 2016 International Electroacoustic Composition Competition 
With the aim to encourage the creation and diffusion of new electroacoustic works, Miso Music Portugal organizes and promotes the MÚSICA VIVA 2016 17th International Electroacoustic Composition Competition, whose deadline for submitting works is January 31, 2016. The Competition’s results will be announced during the Música Viva 2016 Festival taking place between May 20 and 28, 2016 at O’culto da Ajuda in Lisbon.
Every year, as an integral part of the Música Viva Festival, the MÚSICA VIVA International Electroacoustic Composition Competition affirms a more and more significant presence within the international circuits of electroacoustic music. With an average annual number of 180 candidates, it is presently directed to all composers of any nationality and without age limits.
This year at the 16th edition of the Música Viva International Electroacoustic Composition Competition the jury (Ludger Brümmer, João Pedro Oliveira and Miguel Azguime) decided to award the work Counterattack by British composer Adrian Moore.
The jury of the Música Viva 2015 Competition also decided to distinguish with honourable mentions two other works, Ventriloquy by Andrew Babcock from the United States and Sibylle by Gilles Gobeil from Canada.
  1. Release of the new CD, Press the Keys . Frederic Cardoso . Clarinet & Electronics PROJECT, at O’culto da Ajuda in Lisbon . July 2, 2015 
Frederic Cardoso . Clarinet & Electronics PROJECT, is a music project born from the performer’s particular inclination towards contemporary music with electronics. This CD gives special attention to Portuguese music for clarinet and electronics, composed during the last four years by a new generation of composers. 
  1. Performances of Salt Itinerary by Miguel and Paula Azguime in June and August
Three performances of the multimedia opera Salt Itinerary by Miguel and Paula Azguime were integrated in the Lisbon Festivities – the recitals took place on June 23, 24 and 25 at O'culto da Ajuda in Lisbon. This summer the opera is presented once again on August 22, within the celebrations of the Casa das Artes de Tavira anniversary, an arts centre inaugurated 30 years ago with a performance by the Miso Ensemble.
With music and texts composed by Miguel Azguime and video composition by Paula Azguime, the Salt Itinerary is a one man show based on the metaphor of salt as an essential element in sustainable life, and a unique ingredient making a difference between insipidity and flavour. Salt Itinerary is thus a paradigm for an alliance between creativity, technology and innovation in performing arts, joining in a singular manner, tradition and contemporaneity, theatre, music and image. It is a reflection on creation and madness, revolving around language as well as words as meaning and words as sound...

UK: England | Sound and Music

Sound and Music is running its annual Composer Commissioning Survey between July and September.
It’s open for international contributions and we’re also interested in talking to any other IAMIC members who want to run a similar survey using a similar format, so that we can compare results. If you’re a composer, you can complete the survey in a matter of minutes here:

Last year the statistics and findings of the survey (which was completed by 466 composers from a broad range of experience and genres) made waves in the UK and internationally through highlighting what it revealed about low commission fees and the state of working conditions for professional composers.
One year on, we want to find out whether the situation is better or worse. We also want to dig deeper into the time needed to create new work and what composers themselves think is a fair fee, so there are new questions about that.
Giving a voice to this creative sector is one of Sound and Music’s core commitments, so we made this survey in order to listen, to gather evidence and once again tell the world about the realities of making a living as a composer.
We hope this will stimulate debate and positive change in the sector, and in the value placed upon this vital creative activity.

Susanna Eastburn, Chief Executive of Sound and Music, said:
“Being invited to create a new work (and being paid for it) is a vital part of life and income as a professional composer. Last year’s findings sent ripples of shock around the world as it revealed just how little most composers are being paid to create music. Without composers, there would be no music, so I very much hope that we see some signs of improvement.
Listening is core to Sound and Music’s vision and is at the heart of everything we do. This survey is an important way that we can listen to what composers tell us about the realities of their working lives so that we can better understand and advocate for them and their work. I urge any composer reading this to take a few minutes to complete the survey, and I thank them for their time.”

The findings will be analysed and publicised shortly after 10 September.

Help us share the survey with #composerssurvey and have your voice heard.

UK: Wales | Tŷ Cerdd: Centre for Welsh Music

We are delighted that two prominent Welsh composers agreed to write for our national youth ensembles in 2015. In October 2015 we take the National Youth Choir to Argentina in celebration of Patagonia 150 and have commissioned Paul Mealor to write for the young singers.
Also in 2015 Tŷ Cerdd created the new role of Composer-in-Residence. Hilary Tann was invited to be our first such composer.
Here Hilary Tann writes of her impressions of being closely associated with some of Wales’s most talented young musicians.
To be a composer-in-residence means that the composer has a special connection with the institution that has offered the invitation. Bach was "in residence" at Thomaskirche and Haydn was "in residence" at Esterházy. I like the idea of the composer as a "hired hand". Gardener, cook, composer … we all try to make things grow and work to please our patrons.
I was privileged to be present as the National Youth Wind Orchestra of Wales rehearsed my alto saxophone concerto, In the First, Spinning Place. Rob Buckland’s performance of the solo part was wonderfully exciting, but the NYWOW performers have made me a fan of their sound world and I treasure the memory of the première at the Dora Stoutzker Hall at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.
All The Moon Long is the big new piece composed for the National Youth Brass Band of Wales with premières in Neath and Cardiff ( has been a challenge! I’ve written orchestral music before, but the only instrument in the brass band I "know" is the bass trombone – coincidentally, the only one notated at pitch. It was a memorable learning experience for me, and another advantage of the continuing experience of being composer-in-residence.

When the National Youth Choir of Wales met in July to prepare for its concert at Llandaff Cathedral composer Paul Mealor joined Hilary Tann. Clearly Hilary Tann is not alone in being challenged by Tŷ Cerdd to write for new instrumental combinations.
I was delighted, says Paul, to be asked to write a work for chorus and accordion. It  was a particular challenge as I had not written for the instrument before. Sounds and Sweet Airs was commissioned by the National Youth Choir of Wales for their tour to Patagonia in 2015 and is dedicated to Gwyn L Williams (Tŷ Cerdd Director). As the young people travel to the far ends of the world they will encounter people and landscapes completely new to them.
It was that feeling of awe and wonder that I have attempted to capture in the music. It begins loudly – a demonstration of true, pantheistic joy. This fervour continues until it suddenly transforms into a ‘Welsh tango’! The tango and the work itself are my tribute to Patagonia, its people, beautiful culture and wonderful landscape. In 2015 the National Youth Choir of Wales gives concerts in Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires on October 26, Teatro Gran Rex, Buenos Aires on October 28, Teatro Verdi, Trelew on October 29, Predio Ferial, Trelew with BBC National Orchestra of Wales on October 30, and Capel Bethel, Gaiman on October 31.

United States | New Music USA

We here at New Music USA are gearing up for start of the new season. In the first week of September, we opened up our next round of Project Grants.  If we can made prognostications from previous rounds, we expect well over 1000 different projects to be submitted for funding support from all across the United States.

Top row (left to right): Nolan Lem, Julia Adolphe (photo by Martin Chalifour), Missy Mazzoli (photo by Marylene Mey); Bottom row (left to right): Matt Evans (photo by Jaime Boddorff), George Walker, and Gabriella Lena Frank (photo © Sabina Frank)

From works that have received support from us over the past three years, we made six submissions to the 2016 ISCM World Music Days which will take place in Tongyeong, South Korea from March 29 to April 3, 2016. Based on the ISCM submission guidelines, if six works are submitted which are in at least four different instrumental categories, at least one of them is guaranteed a performance on the festival.

The six works we submitted for 2016 are:
1. George Walker (b. 1922): Sinfonia No. 4 ‘Strands’ (2011) for orchestra
2. Gabriela Lena Frank (b. 1972): Requiem for a Magical America: El Día de los Muertos (2012)  for orchestra
3. Matthew Evans (b. 1988): Still Life for Ensemble (2015) for chamber ensemble
4. Missy Mazzoli (b. 1980): Vesper Sparrow (2012) for unaccompanied chorus
5. Julia Adolphe (b. 1988): Veil of Leaves (2014) for string quartet
6. Nolan Lem (b. 1986): push-pole (2014), a sound installation
In other news, as always, NewMusicBox continues to publish new content almost every weekday. In September, we are devoted a week to a series of articles about issues related to music and mental health. We also recently published an article by Baltimore-based composer Ruby Fulton about music created in solidarity with the Spring 2015 Baltimore Uprising which took place in response to the perceived racial-biases of police officers and the deaths that occurred as a result of them. Our September 2015 Cover is a conversation with composer Sarah Kirkland Snider whose new genre-defying song cycle Unremembered has just been released on CD in a performance featuring indie rock star Shara Worden. Our October 2015 Cover will be André Previn.

Finally, New Music USA welcomes three new members to its staff: Kristen Doering is our new grantmaking associate; Brad Lenz is our new development associate for individual giving; and Debbie Milburn is our junior software engineer, a newly-created position.


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