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Dear member,

Below you will find the newsletter of the International Assocation of Music Information Centers – IAMIC – for April 2013. March was a busy month for IAMIC: it finished its Annual Report 2012 which you will find on DropBox (click here) and reached the deadline for the Reporting of 2012 to the EU. We also received the confirmation of the good news that the EU funding and Flemish Funding for 2013 are approved! On March 27th the Communication Working Group held its meeting chaired by Frank J. Oteri, and the Board met on Skype on the 28th of March. IAMIC is also happy to announce that it is now on Twitter. Below you will find further information including reminders on deadlines for applications of different events coming up in the coming weeks.  

An-Heleen De Greef
Executive Manager
on behalf of the International Assocation of Music Information Centers – IAMIC


IAMIC Annual Meeting – General Assembly – Annual Conference

The dates are confirmed, the order of the events still needs a final confirmation.
9th – 10th of November 2013: Bratislava, Slovakia
11th – 12th of November 2013: Vienna, Austria
8th of November 2013: Opening of the Ethos-Melos Festival
4th – 15th of November 2013 :World Music Days - Košice – Bratislava – Vienna
Check here to view the programme of WMD 2013

IAMIC Extraordinary General Assembly

29th of May 2013 - 4 pm
Stiftgasse 29
1070 Wien
The purpose of this special edition is to approve the accounts of IAMIC, an obligation following the Belgian law. For those that cannot be present, proxyforms will be sent out.

Communication Working Group

The working Group had its meeting on Wednesday 27 March with Frank, Eva, Magdalena, Lisbeth and Jonathan. Reporting about our meetings will be done during the IAMIC Annual Meeting.
Some of the ideas discussed: creation of a IAMIC promotional film, IAMIC on Twitter, filming parts of IAMIC Exchange Programme to show the experience to other members, website dynamic update, survey of what members expect from IAMIC taking into account the new developments in MICs.

Research Committee

The questionnaire Fiona Goh designed for stage 3 of the Music Monitor will be sent out very soon to all the members. IAMIC encourages you to complete it. It will take about an hour and will be very helpful for the next stages of the research. The Steering Group and the Feedback Group gave their feedback on the questions of the questionnaire and contributed greatly to the final result offering useful suggestions. Thank you!

MICs' Annual Reports

To complete the MICs annual Reports: click here
Deadline: 30th June 2012
Completing this report will allow IAMIC to make an analysis of the results that will be useful for the MICs.

IAMIC Annual Report 2012 is available

In case you would like to read it on DropBox: Click here

Events and Conferences

Second Annual International World Jazz Day

30 April 2013
Istanbul, Turkey
Herbie Hancock and UNESCO Director-General, Irina Bokova announced together with the Republic of Turkey the second annual International Jazz Day. Libraries, schools, performing arts centres, artists and arts organisations of all disciplines throughout the world will be encouraged to celebrate the day through presentations, concerts, and other jazz-focused activities.
For more info: Click here


29 May – 1 June 2013
Vienna, Austria
You can subscribe here
Please note that IAMIC has a preferential fee of €205 until 3rd of May 2013. You mention that you are a member of IAMIC and use the following code: QSqMLLvHPQ.

Womex 2013

23-27 October 2013
Cardiff, Wales UK
To register: Click here
IAMIC will negotiate preferential rates for IAMIC members. We will inform you timely.

Youth Day at the European Forum of Music

18 April 2013
Glasgow, Scotland
The theme of this event will be: Bridging the gap from education and training to employment and the event is open to young people under the age of 30 working in all aspects of European music life from administration through to project management and performing.
For more info: Click here

Atelier for Young Festival Managers BEIRUT 2013

5-12 October 2013
In response to numerous requests, the European Festivals Association (EFA) extends the deadline for application of the Atelier BEIRUT 2013 to 1 May 2013. 
Apply here




Roberto Cimetta Fund: Measuring the Impact of a Mobility Fund

Read more on Dropbox: click here


Guide to Funding Opportunities for the International Mobility of Artists and Culture Professionals - Europe updates

On the Move
March 2013
In 2011, On the Move published the 'Guide to Funding Opportunities for the International Mobility of Artists and Culture Professionals in Europe' with the aim to improve the availability and transparency of information to facilitate the international mobility of artists and culture professionals in the EU. In February and March this year, the information relevant to France, Italy, Macedonia, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands was updated.
To read more: click here

International Fund for the Promotion of Culture (IFPC)

The Fund is open to:
(a)          public bodies with specific responsibility for the promotion of culture and artistic creation;
(b)          non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and non-profit private bodies whose objectives are in conformity with those of the Fund and whose activities contribute to the promotion of culture and artistic creation;
(c)          individuals, particularly artists and creators;
Deadline for submissions: 2 May 2013 at midnight CET
Further information can be found on the website, by clicking on:

IMC Musical Rights Awards

These biennial awards are given to the best projects or programmes in the world that support any of the IMC five musical rights; they will be presented in the framework of the 5th World Forum on Music in 2013.
You are invited to nominate projects or programmes for an award. The right to make nominations is exclusively reserved for IMC member organisations. The nominated projects or programmes can belong to your own organisation and/or to any other organisation anywhere.
Each member may nominate up to two projects. The awards will be announced at the IMC’s 5th World Forum on Music in Brisbane, Australia, in November 2013. Each winner will receive a certificate and wide publicity. Each winner will receive one travel bursary to participate with a presentation at the World Forum on Music.
The documents you find on DropBox: click here
Deadline is May 15, 2013. 

Policy News



The long journey towards the future EU budget continues...

On 7-8 February, the national leaders of the EU Member States stroke a political agreement on the global EU budget for 2014-2020. The national leaders propose a global budget of €910bn in payments and €960 billion in commitments (equivalent of 0,95% of EU Gross National Income), which is €12 billion less than Van Rompuy’s proposal in November 2012,, and much less than the European Commission’s initial proposal of €1.033bn. The proposed amount represents a lower percentage of the EU GNI than the current budget for 2007-2013. It is the first time in EU history that Member State leaders agree on a lower budget compared to the previous budgetary period.

In the Council proposal, the global amount for Heading 3, which includes funding for culture, rights, security, citizenship initiatives and consumer protection, has been increased in relation to the 2007-13 EU budget, which is an achievement, but reduced by 15% compared to the initial EC proposal. It is still too early to assess the impact of the Council proposal on the ‘Creative Europe’ programme.

We are waiting for the decision of the Parliament on this matter.



Strategic Management in the Arts

Routledge - Taylor and Francis Group, March 2013, USA
Strategic Management in the Arts looks at the unique characteristics of organisations in the arts and culture sector and shows readers how to tailor a strategic plan to help these diverse organizations meet their objectives.
To read more: click here

How CEOs Sustain Higher-Ambition Goals

20 March 2013
Harvard Business News
To read more: click here


Vol 2 – Issue 2: Journal of Cultural Management and Policies
The objective of the ENCATC Journal of Cultural Management and Policy is to stimulate the debate on the topics of cultural management and cultural policy among scholars, educators, policy makers and cultural managers. The Journal is based on a multidisciplinary perspective and aims at connecting theory and practice in the realm of the cultural sector.
To read the journal: Click here

Board of IAMIC:

President: Ol'ga Smetanová (Slovak Music Centre)
Vice President: Elisabeth Bihl (Canadian Music Centre)
Secretary: Stef Coninx (Flanders Music Centre)
Treasurer: Kostas Moschos (Greek Music Information Centre)
Laure Marcel-Berlioz (Centre de la documentation de la musique contemporaine)
Miroslav Pudlak (Czech Music Centre)
Franz Hergovich (Austrian Music Centre)

Communication Working Group:

Frank J. Oteri (New Music USA) - Chair
Eva Planková (Slovak Music Centre)
Magdalena Dobrowolska (Polish Music Centre)
Lisbeth Rinsen (Music Norway)
Jonathan Grimes (The Contemporary Music Centre Ireland)

Steering  Group Music Monitor:

Stef Coninx (Flemish Music Centre)
Eva Planková (Slovak Music Centre)
Franz Hergovich (Austrian Music Centre)
Margot Walscheid (German Music Centre)
Frank J. Oteri (New Music USA)
Caterina Santi (Comintatonazionale italiano musica)
Tomas Lauvland Pettersen (Music Norway)

Feedback Group Music Monitor:

Aleksandra Jagiełło-Skupińska (Polish Music Centre)
Susanna Eastburn (Sound and Music)
Henrik Adriasen (Danish Arts Agency)
Jean Cook (Future of Music)
Jonathan Grimes (The Contemporary Music Centre Ireland)
Alasdair Pettinger (Scottish Music Information Centre)

IAMIC is supported by the Culture Programme of the EU and by the Flemish Government

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