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Soul Whispers III: Soul Wisdom for Living the Life of Your Dreams
Are you Living the Life of Your Dreams?
Constant whisperings from your soul are steadily guiding you towards the life of your dreams - but what if you cannot hear them?

Join professional Soul Coaches from all over the world on an exhilarating journey of self-discovery, learning to decipher your soul’s loving messages, helping you unlock the secrets to living the wondrous life you were always destined to live.

Explore life-changing techniques to help you and your clients clear your clutter from the inside out, allowing your authentic Self to be fully expressed, to joyfully participate in the everyday magic of living the life of your dreams! 

Learn how to - 
~ Read Oracle Cards                                        ~ Move through Fear
~ Create a Balanced Life                                  ~ Manifest Your Dreams
~ Discover your Authentic Self                        ~ Heal through Your Soul
~ Create a Dreamboard for your Soul              ~ Live Your Big Sweet Life 

Read Foreword by 
Denise Linn
Read Introduction by Sophia Fairchild

Contributing Authors ~ JP Ames, Victoria Coen, Bridget Driggers, Bernie Giggins, Agnes Hofer, Alissa Iida, Leslie Jackson, Linnea Jewett, Laurie Bryan Larson, Marianne MacKenzie, Felicia Messina-D'Haiti, Margaret & Rachel Perry, Karen Regnante, Kyla Tustin, and Loes van Mierlo.


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Soul Whispers III - Soul Wings Press
Soul Wisdom for Living
the Life of Your Dreams

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Reviews of Soul Whispers III

"Within this book are heartfelt stories of triumph over adversity, gracious communications from the soul, ancient wisdom as well as modern day solutions to every day challenges. It is an honor and a privilege to share the same pages with these remarkable Soul Coaches."

  ~  DENISE LINN, Founder of Soul Coaching® 

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