Michael D. Sellers blogs at and has just released his new book, 'John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood' making the case for keeping the legacy of Burroughs' classic character alive.
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Want to see more John Carter in Cinemas? You Can Help!

by Michael D. Sellers (Dotar Sojat)

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The John Carter "Back to Barsoom" Campaign
Since the early days of the release, there have been various efforts in support of the film and a continuation of the franchise:

  • The John Carter Files is alive and well with almost 4,000,000 visits to date.  New articles come out regularly about the movie, the books, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and all things ERB and Barsoom.
  • The Back to Barsoom Facebook Group now has 11,300 members and is continuing to grow.  The group sponsored a wonderful theatrical screening of John Carter on December 1, and will be participating in upcoming conventions.  Join us!
  • John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood, my book that tells the full true story behind the production, marketing, and release of Disney's John Carter is now finished and available at The John Carter Files and as both a Trade Paperback and Kindle eBook.  Click here to read the reviews at Amazon -- and please vote "Yes" for the reviews that you find helpful.  As of this writing 7 of 8 user reviews are 5 star -- however we need more reviews and comments before the book goes out to the media later this week.
The Book Can Help the Campaign for More John Carter
The book is a carefully researched, detailed effort which reveals all of the poor choices and mistakes that led to John Carter under-performing in the United States while doing well overseas and spawning a global fan movement that continues to grow long after the theatrical run is over.   It makes a credible, carefully argued case for why John Carter deserves continuation as a series.  It keeps the discussion going and offers a rational path forward for the franchise.  It's also an amazing and compelling story of what really happened to John Carter

Look, I'll be honest.   It would be great if you could buy the eBook for $5.95 or print book for $15.95  but at this early stage of the book's release it's about getting people talking about John Carter . . .so . . . the eBook (for Kindle, Nook, or PDF) is available ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE  for a very limited time until December 16, 2012.

My Request
If you opt for the FREE version, please write about it, on Amazon if you have an Amazon account -- and if not, then on Facebook, Twitter, or on the review page on John Carter Files, where you can leave your review as a comment.  And just to be clear, I'm not soliciting falsely favorable reviews. Just write honestly.  I'm fine with that. 

That's it for now.  There will be other news coming up in the future -- about the book, the movement for a continuation of the series, and about Edgar Rice Burroughs and I'll  keep you updated with occasional emails like this -- and of course, on The John Carter Files.

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and . . .

Order a Free eBook Copy Before Sunday, Dec 16, 2012
Please specify whether you prefer mobi (Kindle), epub (Nook and other readers), or PDF.

That's it for now.  Thanks for helping the movement for a continuation of the John Carter film series.

Michael D. Sellers

It took 100 years to bring Edgar Rice Buroughs' John Carter of Mars to the big screen.  It took Disney Studios just ten days to declare the film a flop and lock it away in the Disney vaults.  How did this project, despite it's quarter-billion dollar budget, the brilliance of director Andrew Stanton, and the creative talents of legendary Pixar Studios, become a calamity of historic proportions?

Michael Sellers, a filmmaker and Hollywood insider himself, saw the disaster approaching and fought to save the project -- but without success.  In John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood, Sellers details every blunder and betrayal that led to the doom of the motion picture -- and that left countless Hollywood careers in the wreckage.

John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood is a must-read for every fan of John Carter and Edgar Rice Burroughs, and every film buff intrigued by the "inside baseball" aspects of modern Hollywood. 

Author of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Master of Adventure 
and Barsoom: Edgar Rice Burroughs and the Martian Vision

The Amazon User Review Currently Rated "Most Helpful"


Michael Sellers has taken a story worthy of Edgar Rice Burroughs himself and told it with style, skill, fairness, thoroughness - and great affection for the original material. He narrates the gripping saga of the 100-year-old novel's long march to the big screen, during which time much of Burroughs' creative genius was 'strip-mined' by such later icons as Lucas and Cameron. Along the way Sellers treats the reader to an insider's view of today's 'gods of Hollywood,' who are not the autocratic and capricious moguls of a bygone era but equally aggressive, corporate warriors navigating the narrow straits between ever-adjusting, long-term, strategic visions and those pesky, quarterly earnings reports. In this world, cinematic artistry becomes a consumer product; and even a $250-million tentpole film can be sacrificed on the altar of an executive coup or the next acquisition

In true Burroughs style, this timely tale ends with its own, real-life cliffhanger: will the concluding installments of the Burroughs/Stanton trilogy ever see the light of day, or, more to the point, the warm, inviting light of IMAX theaters.  Against all odds, Sellers shows how that just might happen.


NEXT ERB MOVIE   WB's Tarzan is set for filming in Summer 2013 starring Alexander Skarsgard and Samuel Jackson.
Thank you for your help in continuing to build the ongoing legacy of Edgar Rice Burroughs.  Over 30 Million people have viewed John Carter in theaters, and an equal number on Blu-ray, DVD, and on television.  Many of these are finding their way to the books on which the film is based.  The mission of The John Carter Files and John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood is to help ensure that Burroughs' legacy shines brightly as we enter the second century since the creation of John Carter and Tarzan in 1912.   MICHAEL D. SELLERS
"Meticulously researched, with a deep understanding of ERB's timeless appeal, plus an equally keen understanding of Hollywood's culture and processes, the book makes a rational and compelling case for the continuation of John Carter of Mars in cinemas."

Jim Sullos
Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.
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