2019 Hindsight Awards

"Announcing the first annual Hindsight Awards, a retrospective review of favorites in behavioral science from the perspective of researchers at the Center for Advanced Hindsight."
We compiled some of our favorite books, podcasts, publications, and more for the 2019 Hindsight Awards. Click below to view all of the winners. 
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Nina Bartmann at the 'Exercise is Medicine Colloquium: Ideas in Action'

(Image credit: Duke Today)

“The biggest behavioral barriers preventing an employee from taking a walking or stretch break at work is the perception they aren’t hardworking if they step away from an assignment,” Bartmann said. “We’re going to discuss how we can create a culture that supports and encourages physical activity.”
CAH Researcher Nina Bartmann moderated a workshop titled “Employee Physical Activity Adoption Plan Development” with the aim of identifying and eliminating barriers that prevent employees from engaging in physical activity.
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Behavioral Science Workshop: Working with Centene to Improve Patient Care

"We created two days of talks, activities, and discussions around some of the research we’ve conducted, highlighting major factors that contribute to health-related behaviors and some of the difficulties people face when making decisions about their health."
Our partner Centene recently visited the lab for two days of talks, activities, and discussions focused on health-related behaviors. Jonathan Corbin details the visit in the blog post below. 
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Common Cents Lab

A Stanford behavioral strategist on three opportune moments to save money

(Image credit: Quartz)

“If you start to see the individual as a human, as an imperfect human being, and not expect the superhuman of the human, now you can start to create environments that meet people where they are.”
Common Cents cofounder Wendy De La Rosa shared three times that are potentially ideal for saving in this Quartz piece. 
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Lenders have reason to encourage faster debt payoffs

"In the experiment, 213 people were given the option to increase their monthly loan payments beyond the bank-stated amount. For example, if a bank typically asked them to pay $322 each month, people were given the option to round up their payment to $350. The results were impressive."
Kristen Berman and Brad Swain share the results of an experiment on allowing people to round up the totals of their payments and highlight the possible competitive edge lenders could gain by allowing people to pay their debts faster.
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LendAcademy Podcast: Kristen Berman of Common Cents Lab

"The co-founder of Common Cents Lab introduces us to the world of behavioral science and how it can have a huge impact on fintech"
Kristen Berman appeared on the LendAcademy Podcast to discuss behavioral science, her background, the CAH Common Cents Lab, and more.
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