Issue 25: Become an Influencer With A Fanbase of Bots
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Issue 25: Become an Influencer With A Fanbase of Bots

This week on The Slow Scroll, we look into the world of computer generated human faces and the app that turns you into an instant influencer for bots. Read on for more.

Warning: This Person Does Not Exist

If you're sick of swiping or seeing faces of people that exist somewhere IRL but you won't ever meet, you can instead head to this website called This Person Does Not Exist. There, you'll find nonexistent yet hyperrealistic faces generated by a GAN (generative adversarial network).

What this website tells us about modern life, Ian Bogost argues for The Atlantic, is that it has "invented anonymity and erasure, mustering sorties of human faces at one another every day".

The entire article is well-worth sitting down for and reading thoroughly—perhaps over a cup of coffee, with a face of a person that you know and appreciate in real life.

Be Famous on The Internet on Botnet

If looking at fake faces isn't enough of a social commentary for you, check out Botnet: a way to be famous on the internet by being the "only human along with a million bots who are obsessed with you."

Created by Billy Chasten, who was also behind sites and apps like Chartbeat and, he wanted to "simulate the experience of mega-fame on the internet"—trolls included, though generally it's a positive experience.

One writer who tested the experience described themselves as immediately "eager to post again", which may reflect the addictive nature of social media. The one positive is that there are no real-life ramifications of voicing your opinions to a hoard of bots—at least, for now.

IRL Prompt: Host an Unplugged Event

This past March 6th through 7th marked the eleventh National Day of Unplugging, which is ongoing project to encourage people to bring balance into their use of technology by reflecting on their use and taking a regular tech break, started by Reboot back in 2010.

If you missed it, you can sign up on their site to host your own unplugged event here

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