CARF News, October 2015. Nº 35
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Roman meeting of entrepreneurs
Nguyen Van Cao is a 25 years old seminarian from Hanoi (Vietnam). He comes from a poor family that instilled his faith explaining and commenting Gospel passages, as in his church the Mass was celebrated just once a year. His bishop sent him to Rome to study philosophy at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross. Upon arriving there, he was impressed because the chapel was next to the University: "In Vietnam I have never seen anything like it; having Jesus so close, when studying, it is something unique", says Van Cao.
Come with us to the XI ENROME (Rome, November 2015) and participates in get-togethers with worldwide priests and seminarians. Their testimonies will help you to deepen the infinite mercy of God with the gift of vocations to the priesthood. Sign up here. Watch video

"Podéis demoler nuestras iglesias, (...) pero Dios reconstruirá su templo en nuestros corazones"
From the religion "sacred forest", to the Catholic priesthood. Abbot Jeannot Leno is a priest from the Republic of Guinea, a country with a population of 9.5 million. "My family practiced traditional African religion whose initiation is called "The sacred forest", and my father had two wives", he explains about his life. Read more
Testigos de la Iglesia perseguida, verdaderos héroes de hoy

The reconciling mission of the Pope in Sri Lanka. January 2015 has been very special for Emmanuel Jipson Fernando Warnakulasuriya, Sri Lankan seminarian from the Diocese of Colombo, because he has been able to follow, from the heart of Christianity, the Roman Pontiff's visit to his homeland, Sri Lanka. Read more

Nuestro objetivo: Atender 10 seminaristas más cada año

Vocations: "My mother sought the truth to my family". Kenny Ang. Indonesia. This seminarian tells how he came to Christianity after his mother sought a religion for the family. Today he is getting training in Bidasoa International Ecclesiastical College (Pamplona). Watch video

La ayuda de CARF no toca sólo a los pastores, también a las ovejas
"I felt a great peace and a great silence". I come from the Philippines and my name is Emmarlone Ravago. I study at the Theology College of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross. I would like to thank all those who have helped me to live the experience of pursuing my studies so close to the Holy Father. Read more
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