CARF News, June 2015. Nº 31
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Benefactors meeting: Pamplona 2015

On 28 May, it took place in Pamplona a new meeting of Benefactors of CARF. Among the highlight activities, we would mention that which was shared with seminarians and teachers of the International Ecclesiastical College Bidasoa, and the pilgrimage to the shrine of Our Lady of Beautiful Love, on the campus of the University of Navarra. Read more
"Podéis demoler nuestras iglesias, (...) pero Dios reconstruirá su templo en nuestros corazones"
"My parents taught me to be obedient to our Lord". Fr. Francis Assisi, is a pastor in a remote village in the jungles of Sri Lanka, who thanks to CARF has been ordered and has enlarged his formation in Rome. He also thanks his parents how they teach him since childhood to be obedient to the Lord. Read more
Testigos de la Iglesia perseguida, verdaderos héroes de hoy

"The call came to me by the testimony of a priest". Father Arnaldo Rodrigues comes from the Archdiocese of St. Sebastian (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) where a large number of priestly vocations arise. He relates the importance of the example of priests and their encounters with the Pope Francisco. Read more

Nuestro objetivo: Atender 10 seminaristas más cada año

Gender ideology: An attack on family. The Pope Francisco has made clear on many occasions, its concern over theory or gender ideology. He alert on this theory, which he defines as "an expression of frustration and resignation". "The elimination of the differences is the problem, not the solution". Read more

La ayuda de CARF no toca sólo a los pastores, también a las ovejas
"I've seen the worst forms of persecution". Extremist attacks against Christians in the Middle East have intensified in the last year before the advance of the Islamic State of terror. The Catholic seminarian Marzina Momica Remi has lived in Iraq this horror leading to the martyrdom of thousands of Christians. Read more
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