CARF News, April 2015. Nº 29
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XI Roman Meeting of Entrepreneurs 2015
What do you expect from the priests of the third millennium? Perhaps you have ever wondered. A coherent response might be: "They will be exemplary in their pastoral surroundings, faithful servants of Jesus Christ, jealous of their duty, pious and with a training identified with the Magisterium of the Church. Read more
"Podéis demoler nuestras iglesias, (...) pero Dios reconstruirá su templo en nuestros corazones"
Serving the Church: Chinese priests, faithful to Romes”. China now ranks among the 20 countries with the highest level of intolerance and religious persecution. Fr. Thomas, Chinese priest, Bidasoa College alumnus and current student of Canon Law, formed with the help of CARF benefactors, shares his testimony in this video. Watch video
Testigos de la Iglesia perseguida, verdaderos héroes de hoy

The participation of Christian mothers in the vocation to the priesthood. During this year, the Pope to give a catechesis on the family. He said: "Every human person owes his life to a mother and almost always due to her the development of life, because of the human and spiritual formation. In the center of the life of the Church is the Mother of Jesus." Read more

Nuestro objetivo: Atender 10 seminaristas más cada año

Mass of suffrage and thanksgiving for the CARF supporters. On Wednesday, March 11, it was held at the Pontifical Basilica of San Miguel (Madrid. Spain), a Mass of suffrage and thanksgiving. The Eucharist is offered by all those who help CARF and for those who still do it -with special efficacy- from heavens.

La ayuda de CARF no toca sólo a los pastores, también a las ovejas
Torture and samples of faith in China. A long list of dead Catholic bishops in prisons in China, after enduring years of torture, is compounded now by Msgr. Cosmas Shi Enxiang. This priest of 93 years has spent 54 in prison for his fidelity to the Catholic faith. The authorities fear the mass demonstrations of faith at his funeral. Read more
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