CARF News, November 2015. Nº 36
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Roman meeting of entrepreneurs

Under the Family Synod in Rome, and the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, Pope Francis has highlighted the work of this natural institution for the arrival of vocations to the Church. The Pope said that "a happy, balanced family, that lives inside the presence of God, speaks for itself about God's love to all men." Read more
"Podéis demoler nuestras iglesias, (...) pero Dios reconstruirá su templo en nuestros corazones"
Vocations: Inar Francis Cabrera. Peru. The deacon Inar Francis Cabrera was born in Peru. As future Aymara priest and one of his joys is that he could preach in that language to the people of the Prelature of Juli. He would like to thank trainers, colleagues and benefactors of Bidasoa International Ecclesiastical College, where he trained. Watch video
Testigos de la Iglesia perseguida, verdaderos héroes de hoy

"I realized that God's hand was there to support me"Centus Muhogalu is 29 and comes from Nigeria. He came to Rome to study a degree in theology at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross. He remember how, as a child, all the children in his village went to his house to pray the Rosary. Read more

Nuestro objetivo: Atender 10 seminaristas más cada año

"When my parents separated, I lived with my great-grandmother to whom I owe my vocation". Carlos Mairena studied at the Ecclesiastical Faculties of the University of Navarra. He belongs to the Diocese of Granada (Nicaragua) where he will receive at 23, priestly ordination. He will be one of the youngest priests in his country. Read more

La ayuda de CARF no toca sólo a los pastores, también a las ovejas
"A phone message changed my life"They named him John because he was one of the beloved disciples of Jesus. This future priest of 26 years comes from a Catholic family in China. This 2015 he graduated in Theology and is awaiting the decision of his Bishop to ordain him as a deacon, when it was the  less risk in his country. Read more
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