CARF News, february 2015. Nº 27
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Priests for Sri Lanka
"The church in Sri Lanka works joyfully and generously to all members of society. There is no distinction of race, tribe, social status or religion in their schools, hospitals, clinics and charity." proclaimed Pope Francis in Colombo, the most populated city of Sri Lanka. CARF helps the formation of priests from this island nation of Asia formerly known as Ceylon. Watch video
"Podéis demoler nuestras iglesias, (...) pero Dios reconstruirá su templo en nuestros corazones"
“The Lord has given me the best chasuble: the Cross”. We reproduce the testimony of appreciation of Father A., written from China and from Rome. This former student of the Ecclesiastical College Seat of Wisdom was ordained in China, clandestinely, at August 30, 2014. Read more
Testigos de la Iglesia perseguida, verdaderos héroes de hoy

The nowadays Archbishop of Hanoi, fled from there being two years old, when Ho Chi Minh took the city. The Pope Francisco will ordain as Cardinal, February 14, the archbishop of Hanoi (Vietnam), Pierre Nguyên, who comes from a Vietnamese devout Catholic family that fled from the communist forces of Ho Chi Minh. Read more

Nuestro objetivo: Atender 10 seminaristas más cada año

From saint to saint. When Pope Francisco talked to families, at the very beginning of the year, and said: "Mothers are the strongest antidote against the spread of selfish individualism" his statement was been supported by the history of the Church and many of its saints. Read more

La ayuda de CARF no toca sólo a los pastores, también a las ovejas
Witnesses of persecuted church 'Repent or perish'. Modern life gives concerns we believe impotent, not realizing that they are not fictional. In some parts of the planet getting killed for exercising religious freedom is a reality of the XXI century, not the plot of an action movie. The Iraqi family Jadar tells their testimony. Read more
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