October 25, 2018


On to games: Dandara is inspired by an Afro-Brazilian freedom fighter from the 17th century. The heroine takes on oppressors who have destroyed her home. The game also features locations from Brazilian developers Long Hat House’s hometown of Belo Horizonte as inspiration for the levels of the game.

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an image of the skyscrapers of Wakanda with the sun setting behind the mountains

Four Thoughts on Afrofuturism

The aesthetic of afrofuturism “serves as a framework for viewing the world and the future of black people in it.” If afrofuturism imagines a million different possible black futures, this article from the Outline asks, then we also need to ask: What’s the future for afrofuturism as a genre?

There is freedom in the ability to imagine greater, and these four thinkers show us how to do that. This one is special. My sister D. Denenge Duyst-Akpem is interviewed.

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a young man making a robot puppet breakdance

The Blackspace

Blackspace is a digital makerspace based out of Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Critically, they give Black and Brown youth a breathing space, a venue to manifest their dreams by any medium necessary. Taking necessary steps towards bridging the racial divide in tech, the youth at Blackspace flourish. Just watch the video to see what I mean…

Blackspace founder Pierce Freelon is an Street Griot and Afrofuturist. He co-founded the Emmy-award winning PBS web-series, Beat Making Lab™.

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