SAFCEI requests people of faith to participate in Earth Hour next week. Here are 4 easy ways to get involved.

Dear Friend of SAFCEI,

We write to you with an appeal to support WWF’s upcoming Earth Hour initiative with your faith community. 
This year, WWF is calling on its hundreds of millions of annual Earth Hour supporters in over 160 countries around the world to send out a clear message to global leaders: people across the world want action on climate change. We urge everyone in your community to register their support online at so that their voices can be counted, and noted ahead of the next major international climate conference in Paris at the end of the year.
Climate change is the biggest human rights issue of our time. In South Africa, particularly food, energy and water security are affected by climate change – the very foundations required to guarantee a stable society and thriving future for our growing population.
The campaign culminates on Saturday, 28 March 2014, 8.30pm when you are called upon to take part in the symbolic moment of unity by switching off your lights and celebrating in the true spirit of Earth Hour. The idea is not only to save energy during Earth Hour, but it is also a time to reflect on and renew commitments to protect Creation beyond the hour.
Faith communities have a powerful role to play
Please appeal to your faith leaders and congregation to join the movement to change climate change and to take tangible action to make a difference. Your support can help ensure a more responsible custodianship of the earth for the generations to come.

4 easy ways to get involved
  1. Encourage your congregation to join the movement against climate change by registering their personal details on the Earth Hour website
  2. Communicate using the resources on the ‘Toolkit’ page – add them to your community’s social media, website and newsletter using the available images. Display posters in your meeting place.
  3. Plan an Earth Hour event for your congregation and then register it on the ‘Act’ page . Why not consider holding a short, candlelit Earth Hour gathering on Saturday evening to pray, reflect and share on the issue? Use the Greening Your Event Guide on the ‘Toolkit’ page
  4. Showcase the Earth Hour 2015 video in your community to help raise awareness – view the video on Youtube or download it by inserting the URL ( into For access to higher resolution video files, please send WWF an email.
Share your stories or photos with SAFCEI as well so that we can showcase them to inspire other faith communities. Send them to

Wishing you a special Earth Hour!

The SAFCEI team

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