We give you a nuclear and uranium mining update, invite you to celebrate World Environment Day and Youth Day and reflect on Laudato Si's message. We also wish our Muslim Earth Keepers 'Ramadan Mubarak'.

Dear Earth Keeper,

We are nearly halfway through the year and things have become busy all around. Our nuclear court case has made some advances with a fundraiser being held to further raise funds and support for our nuclear work. Dr Stefan Cramer is continuing to lift the veil of silence on uranium mining in the Karoo and has discovered some concerning radiation hot spots. World Environment Day is coming up, with the focus this year being on wildlife, as well as Youth Day in South Africa for which Lydia Mogano invites all young Earth Keepers to take up the challenge of helping shape a sustainable future. Bonus Ndlovu has spent some time reflecting on Laudato Si’ and its central message, which we invite all Earth Keepers to keep alive in these environmentally challenging times. Our Muslim Earth Keepers will be celebrating Ramadan this month and we wish them a blessed time of reflection and spiritual reconnection, both with the Creator and with our sacred Earth.

Nuclear & Uranium Mining Update

Our work on nuclear and uranium mining continues in full-steam with discoveries being made that only confirm our determination in raising these issues as being of great concern for all people of faith. Dr Stefan Cramer has discovered some radiation hot-spots in the Karoo that are unprotected and unregulated, whilst the nuclear court case has uncovered irregularities and facts kept secret in the nuclear procurement process.

World Environment Day

 Another important day is coming up for our beautiful Earth this month: World Environment Day on Sunday 5th June. This year’s theme is our wildlife, which Africa is abundantly blessed with - but only as long as we safeguard this biodiversity. So we invite all Earth Keepers to dedicate some time on World Environment Day to pray or take some action for the greater Earth community. 

Laudato Si’, mi Signore

Bonus Ndlovu, SAFCEI’s Eco-Congregations Coordinator in the North, reflects on Laudato Si’ and what message it contains for us all as Earth Keepers. Pope Francis calls calls on us to recognize that we are integrally connected to the one web of life. It is this message that we invite you to keep alive in your hearts as we work to restore the balance on this earth. Read more...

A Green Ramadan

This June brings a special time for our Muslim Earth Keepers, as Ramadan will start once the moon has been sighted on the 6th or 7th day of this month. Ramadan is a time of reflection and spiritual connection and we invite you to use this opportunity to also connect to the Creator through our environment. Read more...

Rise African Youth, Rise

With Youth Day coming up, Lydia Mogano, SAFCEI's Regional Coordinator, writes a letter to our young Earth Keepers, challenging them to lead the way into a sustainable future that does not come at the expense of the Earth, but rather honours its gifts. The time of 'business as usual' is over and we invite the youth to help shape this bright new world. Read more...  
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