SAFCEI 's AGM coming up! Voting Green these elections. DRESS -Darling's Swop Shop. On birds & climate change. IPCC Report & faith communities.

Dear Earth Keeper,

Change is very much in the air and on the agenda this May. For months South Africans have been wrestling with who to vote for, ever hopeful that elected leaders will value ethics, responsibility and competence. But do our politicians understand the environmental challenges facing us?

While many of us are able to respond to the onset of winter weather Dr Mark Brown reports on how some of our iconic bird species are battling to adapt to Climate Change.  Two new reports by the International Panel on Climate Change, one dealing with vulnerable communities and regions at risk and the other an agenda for action are also clear calls for change.

While change might seem overwhelming and disruptive of business as usual, Earth Keepers know that change promotes personal growth. Change happens one person, one action and one moment at a time. The Darling Dutch Reformed churches are doing just that. Read about their recycling swop shop and “Be the change you wish to see.”(Mahatma Gandhi).


SAFCEI’s Annual General Meeting 2014  will be held from 6.30pm to 8.30pm on Wednesday 4th June at the Rosebank Methodist Church Hall, in Cape Town, South Africa. Apart from discussing SAFCEI business, we look forward to a fascinating talk by our new Science Advisor, Dr Stefan Cramer, who is doing interesting geological research for us in the Karoo region of South Africa.

We are also excited to launch our Green Faith Leadership Initiative with the honouring of Bishop Geoff Davies as the Green Bishop. We will introduce to you SAFCEI’s newly appointed Executive Director, Dr Stiaan van der Merwe.

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DRESS Darling Beautiful

Armoede is ellende.  Om te lewe sonder hoop is ellende. Maar DReSS (Dress Darling Beautiful) is besig om dinge te verander deurdat hulle kleingoed tot die ouderdom van 14 betrek by ‘n deurlopende projek om die omgewing skoon te hou. Die projek behels dat hulle op volhoubare wyse rommel opruim, soos glas, plastiek, and karton of papier, en natuurlik ook net bloot rommel.

Hierdie plaaslike ekoprojek is in vennootskap met die Verenigde Gereformeerde Kerke  (VGKSA) in Darling van stapel gestuur en is om omgewingsbewustheid onder die jeug te kweek. 

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Birds as indicators of changing climate

If the Climate Change models for bird populations are true then several of our wonderful bird species may become extinct. What does this mean for us as Christians? Genesis gives us our first instruction from God, which doesn’t end. Steward my creation, He tells us. Read about the work of our bird scientists and how birds are responding to Climate Change and find out how you can help.

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Who gets your green vote?

Tomorrow is a big day for South Africa: Election Day! South Africans vote for the future of their country. Which party gets your vote? Have you ever considered the environmental stance of political parties? The Environmental Monitoring Group (EMG) did some useful research comparing their views on energy & climate change, water, mining & fracking, urban development & access to information, and land reform & food security. The Green Times put together this information in an accessible format.

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Congregations in a climate of change!

The April 2014 Report from the International Panel on Climate Change finally has some positive news about mitigating Climate Change and an agenda to reduce Green House Gas emissions. However to be effective and timeous we need a climate of change. The IPCC makes clear statements that mitigating Climate Change requires ethical considerations and a shift away from a materialistically motivated status quo. These are clear cues for faith communities to become actively involved and time for Earth Keepers to turn these cues into action for equity and justice for all of Creation.

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