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Join Us for
Faiths 4 Climate Justice 

on 17-18 October for global, multi-faith climate action!

This year’s UN climate negotiations will be held in November in Glasgow, yet, most governments worldwide have failed to meet the Paris goals they set six years ago.

Banks have increased their financing for fossil fuel projects every year since the Paris Agreement. 

And at  the recent G7 meeting, leaders of wealthy countries failed to commit to the timing of support for countries facing the greatest risk from climate change - despite pledging to do so years ago.

This lack of leadership is unacceptable. It violates humanity’s deepest moral values.

We are inviting concerned people of faith from around the world to sign up to host a Faiths 4 Climate Justice action.

People of Faith are calling for an immediate end to new fossil fuel projects, deforestation, and related financing, a massive commitment to green jobs to reduce climate pollution and end poverty for millions, reparations from wealthy countries to equip vulnerable nations for a better future.  

These commitments are what the world needs and what our faiths require.

That’s why on 17-18 October, two weeks before governments are expected to increase their climate commitments at the UN climate talks, the GreenFaith International Network and people of diverse religions around the globe will rise together.  

We will send a clear message to governments and major financial institutions: Destroying the Planet is against our Religions.    

Can we count on you? Sign up now to organize a local event! We’ll work together in the coming months to make this a big, beautiful, faith-rooted action. And we’ll provide lots of resources to help you along the way.

Here’s how Faiths 4 Climate Justice will work:

Sunday, 17 October: Religious communities will hold a public action at their place of prayer calling for decision-makers to act. Together we’ll take creative action such as unfurling banners on religious and spiritual buildings, posting our demands on doors of local, regional, or national governments, banks, and major investment houses, or ringing bells, sounding the shofar, calling the Azann, and so on, as we did on 11 March.          

Monday, 18 October: On the morning of 18 October, wearing religious garb or t-shirts with catchy slogans, or carrying religious signs, we’ll line up outside of local, regional, and national governments and finance institutions en masse to deliver our demands to officials. Religious people may choose to hold a meditation or pray-in. 

It’s past time for governments, banks, and investors to step up to their commitments on climate change. As people from many faiths, we are ready to take action for a just and sustainable future.

Please join us!

In faith and solidarity,

SAFCEI, a founding member of the GreenFaith International Network

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