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Thank you for your RSVP to attend the Sustainable Consumption Workshop on Food Systems.
The Zoom workshop will be held on the 11 and 12 of August 2021 from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM (SAST).

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Meeting ID: 856 6834 0661
Passcode: 383132


Day 1 

08:30   Welcome and open - Gabriel Manyangadze (SAFCEI)
09:00   Enough and Better - Francesca De Gasparis (SAFCEI)
09:20   What is our experience of doing more, better with less?
            (group exercise)
10:00   Introduction to sustainable consumption and production of Food
            Systems - John Nzira (Ukuvuna Permaculture)
10:30   Q and A
10:40   Break
10:50   Keynote Address “Understanding the times as a critical assignment of
            Religious Leaders”- Rev. Emmanuel Chikoya (GS Council of Churches
11:20   The sustainable development goals and the centrality of Goal 12
            - Florian Kroll (Researcher in food security and systems change)
11:40   Q and A
11:30   Testimony of Agroecological Practice - Busisiwe Mgangxela
            (Agroecological farmer)
12:00   Faith perspectives on Sustainable Consumption - Rev Berry Behr
12:20   End of day summary - Gabriel Manyangadze (SAFCEI)
12:55   Closing prayer

Day 2 

08:30   Welcome and recap of Day 1 - Gabriel Manyangadze (SAFCEI)
08:55   What is the Industrial Farming system? - Dr Tracy Ledger (Public
            Affairs Research Institute)
09:15   Webinar: The impacts of industrial farming system in our community/
            country(ies) - Introduced by Dr Million Belay (Alliance for Food
            Sovereignty in Africa), presented by Dr. Vandana Shiva
10:00   Interactive session 
10:15   Break
10:30   Practice of Eco-Organic Agroecology - Stefanie Swanepoel 
            (African Earth Rights)
11:00   Q and A
11:15   Indigenous foods and their value (breakout session)
11:40   The alternatives to Industrial Farming System - Bern Guri
           (Center for Indigenous Knowledge and Organisational Development)
12:00   How an Ecological Organic Farm Operates - Kanangwe Newlove
            (Loctaguna Organics)
12:15   Our Commitments - Gabriel Manyangadze (SAFCEI)
12:50   Closing remarks - Francesca De Gasparis (SAFCEI)
12:55   Closing prayer

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