SAFCEI National Marine Week. Faith Communities and the People's Climate March. Charles Eisenstein and the miracle of reconnecting. Tashlich & Ecology. The faith of a fisherman. A season to explore Creation.

Dear Earth Keeper,

If you, as a fisherman, have no faith in God then you may as well stay on the harbour wall.” If the evidence for strong faith is active commitment, then September 2014 showed that many of us are ‘fishers’.  Festivals such as the Christian Season of Creation and Tashlich, which is part of the Jewish New Year, carry on the tradition of connecting people of faith with God as the earth’s Creator.  On a global scale the huge support for the People’s Climate March was an inspiring commitment that connected people of all faiths and rekindled hope. It reinforced the message of author Charles Eisenstein that the world is ready for a new story.  During his visit to South Africa, Charles identified hope, reconnection and faith as the qualities we all need to live in a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.  

Faith communities on the People's Climate March

“Imagine what it was like to be among 400,000 people who came together for the People’s Climate March in New York City. Over 10,000 people assembled in our staging area, where we conducted a multi-faith service before the march. I still have goose bumps.

For me, it was truly a religious experience, literally!  GreenFaith played a huge role in mobilizing faith communities thanks to the support of people like you,”
  reported Rev. Fletcher Harper of GreenFaith.  

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Charles Eisenstein & the miracle of reconnecting

Are you ready to be part of the miracle of 'loving your neighbour' as the scriptures of the world’s faiths ask of you? Are you ready to use your gifts to help build an interconnected community of life where people can lead rich spiritual and creative lives and thrive on a healthy planet? 

SAFCEI invited Charles Eisenstein to South Africa to engage with us on how to achieve the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

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Tashlich and ecology

Tashlich is the ceremony within the Jewish New Year festival of Rosh Hashanah during which people free themselves from the baggage of the past year to start the new year refreshed.

The Earth Keeper Newsletter invites its partners and readers to join them in wishing the Jewish community a happy 5774 filled with hope, good friendships, good health and environmentally conscious living.  

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The faith of a fisherman

If you, as a fisherman, have no faith in God then you may as well stay on the harbour wall”: Kobie Poggenpoel, a well-known retired Kalk Bay fisherman. 

Until the recent decline in local fish resources, fishing communities have been rich and a resilient part of our cultural heritage.  Many of their stories are testament to the deep faith that is born from a life dependent on the sea and God. 

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A season to explore Creation

Three eco-congregations share their stories of creation care during the Season of Creation.

In acknowledgement of their passion for Creation and in the hope that their activities will inspire more creation care stories Earth Keeper would like to share these ones with you.   

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