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May News

Upcoming Events

Colorado Boulevard Healthcare District (CBHD)
May 2nd 
National Jewish Hospital,
Molly Blank conference room
Please park on the street

Meet with Mary Beth
District Office Hours

May 2nd - Cake Crumbs,
22nd & Kearney
May 9 - Krameria Cafe,
14th & Krameria
 May 16 - Einstein's Bagels, Lowry
10:00am- 2:00pm

Free Mulch Giveaway & Compost Sale
May 4th 

Star Wars at the Hangar
May 4th
Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum

Lowry Redevelopment Authority
Community Advisory Committee (CAC)
May 7th
7290 E. First Avenue

Community Forum: Imagine 2020, Creating a Future for Denver's Culture
May 21
Art Gym, 1460 Leyden St.
RSVP: 720.865.4223, or

Vets in Tune
FREE music
May 24th
VA Hospital 
4th Friday of each month

Contact Us

1437 Bannock St., Room 451
Denver, CO 80202
Council District 5

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Land Use, Transportation, & Infrastructure Committee
Meets and airs live on
Tuesdays at 10:30am.
Replays on Tuesday at 8:30pm, Friday at 3pm & Saturday at 3pm.
Health, Safety, Education, & Services Committee
Meets and airs live on
Tuesdays at 1:30pm.
Replays on Tuesday at 7pm, Friday at 9:30am & Sunday at 3pm.
Government Affairs & Finance Committee
Meets and airs live on
Wednesdays at 10:30am.
Replays on Wednesday at 7pm, Friday at 1:30pm & Saturday at 4:30pm.
Business, Workforce, & Sustainability Committee
Meets and airs live on
Wednesdays at 1:30pm.
Replays on Wednesday at 8:30 pm, Friday at 11am & Sunday at 4:30pm
Legislative Session of Denver City Council
Meets and airs live on
Mondays at 5:30pm.
Replays on Monday night at 8:30pm, Thursday at 12:30pm & Saturday at 10am. 

Upcoming SCFD Free Days

Denver Museum of Nature & Science
May 12
June 3

Denver Botanic Gardens     
July 9
August 27

Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield Reservoir
May 3
June 7

Denver Zoo
November 4, 15, 21

Denver Art Museum
May 4
June 1
Denver Center for the Performing Arts
Each Tuesday at 10am, the DCPA will release "10 for $10" - a limited number of $10 tickets for every Denver Center Theatre Company performance in the coming week (up to 25 shows per week). Occasionally, tickets to select Denver Center Attractions shows may be available. 

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Denver City Council
Weekly Meeting Agendas, Minutes & Information:

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Call 9-1-1 for emergencies.

The Denver Police Department’s non-emergency line is 720.913.2000.

                                                                May 2013

Dear District 5 Neighbors,

Happy May!  So far this has been a very snowy spring in Denver but it’s tough to complain when we need the moisture.   
City Council had its annual budget retreat in mid April and crafted their priorities for Denver for 2014.  They include enhancing our livable, safe, healthy and beautiful environments that inspire our love for Denver.  Our number one priority is to invest in bicycle and pedestrian access and safety.  We also support the development and updates to neighborhood plans, the funding of the super plan for the I-70 and Brighton Boulevard corridors, now named the North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative, and to accelerate the implementation of the Comprehensive Solid Waste Plan, that includes converting all to barrels and providing for recycling and composting to all neighborhoods.  I never suspected how much I would be “talking trash” in this job.  
New Tax Valuation Protest Procedure
You will be receiving your valuation notice in the mail soon from the Tax Assessor.  The legislature has passed a bill that lets Denver be the pilot city for a new system for protests.  Instead of just 30 days to file a protest, you will have 28 weeks.  But don’t wait that long if you feel your property has been over-valued.  Filing earlier means that you will have more time to work with the assessor’s office if there are missing items in your file or more information they need. You can file a protest online, by mail, fax or in person until November 15, 2013.  Note that the valuation you receive is based on comparables no later than June of 2012. For the quickest review and response, file online at
Amendment 64 update
The state legislature is currently considering three regulatory bills for the taxation, licensing and public consumption of marijuana. The bills change daily, but they generally address limits for being “under the influence”, taxation, and licensing processes.  The city continues to lobby strongly to retain our ability to do the licensing of marijuana businesses.
9th & CO update
The Colorado Boulevard Health Care District Board will meet this Thursday, May 2, at 4 pm at National Jewish Molly Blank Conference Center. The agenda includes an update on Trader Joe’s, an update from the VA Hospital, and introduction of Denver’s new Manager of Community Planning and Development, Rocky Piro.

I know neighbors have been wondering what is happening with the property at 9th and Colorado and the answer is "not a lot."  CU, Denver Urban Renewal Authority, and the development team led by Lionstone have continued to work through the details of the land sale and plan to close in late summer.   City Council will need to approve the Urban Renewal area and the collection of both sales tax and property tax generated on the site. King Soopers has decided that their location on the site just doesn't work for them, although they continue to be interested in the neighborhood.   But the development group will be looking for other tenants, which they will need to have before tax increment financing can be applied.

The City Planning department, Councilwoman Robb and I have been working to assure the goals of the General Development plan are met.  These include the integration of housing, commercial uses and open space that creates a "unique, vibrant identity."  

Buckley Annex
The Denver Planning Board recommended approval of the Buckley Annex General Development Plan at the April 3rd  meeting with three conditions of approval: removal of a 35-foot setback for buildings on Quebec St., inclusion of additional intent language regarding the use of potable water, and intent language regarding renewable energy. The Planning Board feels eliminating the setback will enhance connectivity with the Lowry Town Center and establish a safer pedestrian environment.  Next steps for the Lowry Redevelopment Authority with be rezoning the annex property and finalizing the design guidelines.  Click here to see upcoming LRA meeting times.
Improvements at 14th and Yosemite
Following the tragic hit and run accident in March that took the lives of two young children, Denver’s Traffic Engineering services department ensures me their highest priority is making Denver’s streets safe for pedestrians and all modes of transportation.  The department has launched a study of the conditions at this intersection and the immediate area looking at traffic counts and average speeds during peak travel times.  The study will also analyze how many pedestrians cross this corridor and when to determine the best engineering course of action. There is cooperation with Aurora as this intersection sits on the city boarder and all traffic control considerations will be in accordance with federal guidelines which provide uniformity to promote safety.  

I continue to hold open in-district office hours the first three Thursdays of each month to meet with constituents.  Starting in June, I will be at Steep Tea and Coffee, 4100 E 1st Avenue, one of our newest additions in the district, every first Thursday from 10:00am - 12:00pm.  Second Thursdays will continue to be at Krameria Cafe and third Thursdays at Einstein Bros Bagels in Lowry.  Feel free to come visit, I look forward to talking with you!
                                                                                                                                        ~ Mary Beth  



Volunteers Wanted: NE Walk Fest!

Save the date on Saturday, August 24th from 9AM-1PM for a unique, fun, informative and community driven walking event.    
The event will be an inspiring and engaging day of walking three East Denver neighborhoods (Park Hill, Stapleton and Montclair) promoting community health and connection, neighborhood walkability and everyday wayfinding.

The event will host numerous street-side, sidewalk, park and storefront activities across three specified zones in the Park Hill, Stapleton & Montclair neighborhoods.  Most of the activities will take place at three parks within the three neighborhoods (Zone 1 - Holly Square, Zone 2 - The Green in Stapleton and Zone 3 - McNichols Park in Montclair). 

Throughout each zone participants will be connected to a variety of walking routes consisting of 2, 4 and 6 miles in length on already existing neighborhood sidewalks.  Our hope is to work with the City of Denver to complement this event with at least one or two permanent pedestrian/walkability features (ie adding/improving crosswalks).

Don't hesitate to email Jonathon Stalls of Walk2Connect at for more information.  We are looking for community leaders and neighborhood residents to fill slots on one of our four committees, so please reach out if you're interested in helping us!

The walking event is being organized by the Stapleton Transportation Management Association (TMA) and Walk2Connect.  

Imagine 2020:
Cultural Plan
Community Meeting
for District 5 

Great cities have great arts and culture. From Red Rocks to the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum in Lowry, Denver is a celebrated cultural destination. The arts help to define our community. 

The Imagine 2020 project is a survey and development effort designed to give Denver a renewed sense of direction in the promotion of arts, culture and creativity. By documenting the thoughts and input of Denverites, Imagine 2020 will inform an effort to provide resources and collaborative efforts to support arts and culture in our city.
A cultural plan has not been done in Denver since 1989. That plan resulted in a number of long-term changes that have benefited the arts. Imagine 2020 is designed to build on earlier successes and re-imagine this important part of Denver life. A six-month study period will be followed by an evolving, multiyear program to engage citizens, build creative economies and provide an appreciation for the creative works around us.

Visit the website at and let us know what you envision for the future of arts, culture and creativity in Denver. After taking the survey, you can be entered to win tickets to Red Rocks, the Denver Performing Arts Complex and other prizes!
Want more info about the plan?
Come to the District 5 Community Information Forum on Tuesday, May 21 from 6-8 p.m. at Art Gym, 1460 Leyden St.

Rocky Mountain Communities: Block Observations

A community building team of staff, board members, and volunteers from Rocky Mountain Communities will be in the Lowry, Montclair, and East Colfax neighborhoods conducting block observations on Saturday, May 18th, 9am – 1:30pm.  
These neighborhoods have been chosen to be part of a three year long community assessment by Rocky Mountain Communities and NeighborWorks America. These observations will help better understand strengths and needs of the neighborhoods. Check out for more information about our non-profit organization. If you would like more information or to volunteer for this project, please contact Susan at or 720-305-9807.


Kids Plan to Give Back for Global Youth Service Day

The Community Building Partnership for Youth in Transition (CBPYT) AmeriCorps program at Denver Human Services is leading several youth-oriented service projects in observation of Global Youth Service Day (GYSD). GYSD is a time of year when millions of young people come together for celebrations and community service projects that are often designed to address and raise awareness around tough community issues.   
Service projects will take place throughout the city from April 20 – April 27 and include:
Service Project: Table Lessons
  • Where: PlatteForum, 1610 Little Raven St. Suite 120, Denver
  • When: April 20 from noon – 3 p.m. (art creation) and April 27 from 6 - 7:30 p.m. (public exhibition)
  • What:  Students will be paired with AmeriCorps members and professional artist, Tsehai Johnson. Youth will work with Johnson to create a survey to gather data about hunger within their communities, transfer that data into the form of graphics and text and then onto ceramic plates, and last showcase their work for the public in an exhibition.
Service Project: Serving the Homeless
  • Where: Denver Rescue Mission, 1130 Park Ave. Denver, CO
  • When: April 26, 2013 from 4:30 - 6:30 p.m.
  • What: Eight students from New America School will serve dinner to the homeless at the Denver Rescue Mission.
Service Project: GO GREEN DAY!
  • Where: George Washington High School, 655 S Monaco St, Denver, CO
  • When: April 27, 2013 from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
  • What: Two-hundred students and teachers from George Washington High School and AmeriCorps members will plant trees to create an orchard to beautify the school campus.
Service Project: Celebrate Service!
  • Where: Rude Recreation Center, 2855 W. Holden Pl. Denver, CO
  • When: April 27, 2013 from 1 – 3 p.m.
  • What: Youth and community members will celebrate Global Youth Service Day by recognizing  youth, showcasing reflection activities and hosting mini service projects that include filling bags with beans and pasta for refugee families, writing letters to military service men and women, and hand making and planting pinwheels in observation of Child Abuse Prevention Month.
For more information, visit


Denver Parks and Recreation Encouraging Gardeners to "Purge the Spurge"


Noxious weed can take over landscapes and is a danger to people and plants

With the arrival of the spring season and the renewal of gardens and flower beds, Denver Parks and Recreation is warning residents to aggressively remove the noxious Myrtle spurge weed that may look harmless, but can cause harm to people and natural areas.   

To help combat Myrtle spurge, Denver Parks and Recreation’s, Natural Areas Program has launched an educational outreach program for residents called the “Purge the Spurge.” Volunteers and staff are canvassing Denver’s neighborhoods looking for myrtle spurge in yards and Rights-of-Way distributing informative hangtags that encourage residents to remove it from their property.

To support Denver’s citizens with the removal of this noxious weed from their yards, DPR will host two “Purge the Spurge” events where Denver residents can bring in bags of spurge or photos of it being removed in order to receive free native plants to replace it:

  • May 19: The CSU Extension office in Denver will host the first event on at Harvard Gulch Park, 888 E. Illiff Ave. from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Click here for a map.
  • June 1: Denver Natural Areas Program will host the second event on Berkeley Lake Park from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Click here for a map


Interactive Energy Advising For Your Denver Home

The Denver Energy Challenge is a free energy advisor program brought to you by the City and County of Denver. With over 6,170 residents participating, the program has shown that neutral advising really does help residents figure out what energy improvements make sense for their home and enables them take action.   

In addition to phone advising the program now offers interactive videos using apps like Skype or Facetime. The program also offers low-cost energy loans for small or large projects and connects residents with all applicable rebates and tax credits out there. So call 720.865.5520 Monday through Friday, 7a-7p English and Spanish and start working with your free advisor today!


Save Our Sundial Campaign

Please join your neighbors in saving the Sundial Plaza at Cranmer Park.
For the past two years, the Cranmer Park /Hilltop Civic Association has been working with representatives of the City’s Parks and Recreation Department to discuss the much needed full restoration of the Sundial and the plaza area in Cranmer Park.  The city has set aside $550,000 for this project, which is estimated to cost $1,400,00 in its entirety. Plans are to correct structural deficiencies that have made earlier restoration work fail prematurely.  
Under the guidance of Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman, and with the assistance of The Denver Foundation, a new fundraising effort has launched – the Save Our Sundial campaign.  With limited government funding available, the goal is to raise the needed amount through the generosity of individuals, corporations and foundations. 
Denise Sanderson will be coordinating the efforts of this group, and is currently forming a committee to help with the Save Our Sundial campaign.  If you would like to be involved, please contact her at or at 303-320-1647.  Click here to donate under “Save Our Sundial.”
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