July 2014

Do you want to have a grocery store in downtown Hudson?  We sure do!  After the EconoFoods (or Erickson’s, or More4) moved up to the hill, the folks who live and work in downtown Hudson had to change their grocery shopping patterns. Many of these shoppers chose to head into the Twin Cities for groceries.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could recapture those grocery dollars and turn them into support for our local farmers?

A grocery cooperative is a grocery store that is owned by the people who want to shop at the store and want to have a say in how the store is run.  Everyone (and this is important!!)  EVERYONE who is an owner of the co-op OWNS THE SAME AMOUNT OF THE CO-OP AS EVERYONE ELSE.  The store will be owned by literally THOUSANDS of your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and co-shoppers.  YOU will decide what is important and what you want your business to do. 

Because of this unique ownership structure, a grocery cooperative offers lots of opportunities that other kinds of businesses cannot offer.  The store will be a mechanism for fulfilling the co-op’s mission, a mission that is decided by the owners. 

Because a grocery co-op is owned by the community, owners are needed to buy shares in the company before the store can open.  Owners help in many ways: provide much-needed start-up equity, provide the input needed to decide what the store will look like, and provide the volunteer time needed to spread the news of this project.  EVERYONE INVOLVED with the co-op at this stage is a volunteer – even the Board of Directors!  (once the store opens, it will be run by a paid staff)


Become an owner TODAY.  For a one-time investment of $80, you receive 4 shares of stock in the company and a voice in future decisions (plus owner benefits – visit the website for more info on this!).  PLUS, the co-op is one person closer to opening its doors!  Already an owner?  Talk to your friends and neighbors, and encourage them to join, too!

More information is available on the website:
HGC is seeking volunteers to help clean up Hudson’s riverfront. Our team will meet with other community volunteers to collect trash and protect our river!  We will meet Tuesday, July 15, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Lakefront Park.
The HGC team is encouraged to wear the new HGC t-shirts during the cleanup. If you don’t have a shirt yet, they are available for sale.
The river clean-up is a core activity of RiverFest, Hudson’s annual St. Croix River Celebration. The 2014 St. Croix RiverFest is set for July 12-17. Community volunteers are needed to get out on the river front collecting trash that gathers after spring floods and Independence Day celebrations.
If you would like to volunteer with the co-op, please contact Jacki Bradham at 715-386-3826 or
Learn more about the river clean-ups on the RiverFest website at   Clean-up details are available at
The totally awesome 2014 Hudson Grocery Cooperative t-shirts are now available for purchase.   Featuring this year’s slogan, “Lettuce Grow a Co-op,” the shirts were printed right here in Hudson.  Two styles are available: one-sided with the “Lettuce Grow a Cooperative” art on the front at a cost of $15, and two-sided $20. Shirts are made of 100% cotton, in natural color, and are available in a variety of youth and adult sizes. For more info or to purchase a shirt, please contact Jacki Bradham at 715-386-3826 or

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