March & April 2016 Hudson Grocery Cooperative Newsletter
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Owner Drive on May 3rd

Be sure to join HGC on Tuesday, May 3 at the Stone Tap, 517 2nd St, downtown Hudson.

The evening starts with a 6:30 mixer and at 7:00 there will be a short presentation. Hear about your co-op’s recent progress!
Come to the party and bring a friend or neighbor who isn’t an owner yet.

RSVP on FaceBook at

New Owners Join at
HGC's March Owner Drive

We had a great Owner Drive on March 29th with a late St. Patrick's Day celebration at Paddy Ryan's. Attendees enjoyed dinner followed by an HGC presentation by Marina Onken.
About 40 people attended the event with eight new owners joining that evening.

(left) Owner #376 Philip & Karen McConville
(right) HGC director Katie Nelson-Heil with owner #377 Kathey Frank
(left) Owner #378 Kyle Shosten & Danielle Neumann & son
(right) Owner #380 Tammy Sache with HGC Director Sarah Atkins
(left) Owner #381 Glenda Moen with HGC director Beck Peters
(right) HGC director Sarah Atkins with owner #382 Maggie & Ken Wooley
Carol Zempel and Katie Nelson-Heil at Up & Coming Conferance

HGC Directors Attend
Up & Coming Conference

The Hudson Grocery Cooperative recently sent two of their board members; Katie Nelson-Heil and Carol Zempel to the annual Up & Coming Conference in Bloomington, IN. The Up & Coming Food Co-op Conference focuses on helping communities start their own food cooperatives. It also offers resources and workshops for co-ops that are in their first years of operation.
While in Indiana, the Hudson Grocery Cooperative board members focused specifically on community involvement, ownership growth and the financial aspects of starting a cooperative. They are looking forward to implementing some of the new strategies and best practices learned while at the conference.

Cheryl Olson and Katie Nelson-Heil volunteer at the HGC Booth

Spring Showcase Wrap Up

HGC hosted a booth at the Hudson’s Spring Showcase on April 24th. It was a great opportunity to share the news about the the Co-op’s effort to open a grocery cooperative in Hudson.
Thanks you to the all of the HGC volunteers who worked at the booth: Jacki Bradham, Melanie Herberg, Lisa Meurett & Nick Meurett, Katie Nelson-Heil, Cheryl Olson, Annie Peck, Beck Peters and Macy Westerham.
371      Kyrsten Thompson
372      Darcie Rochon
373      Rebecca Swanson
374      Holly and Peter Schultz

375      Kathleen Nelson
376      Philip & Karen
377      Kathey & Randy Frank
378      Danielle Neumann &
             Kyle Shosten
379      Beth & Kenneth Nelson
380      Tammy Sache
381      Glenda & Paul Moen
382      Maggie & Ken  Wooley
383      Kelly Hale
384      Mike Christenson &
              Marybeth Johnson
385      Paul & Harmony
386      Bridget & Kasey
387      Lori Jurek
388      Megan & Nicholas
389      Amy & Tim Martin

Hudson Grocery Co-op
389 Members
as of 4/13/16
Spring is well underway and the cooperative is beginning our spring and summer new owner drive events.  Our first event of the year was a huge success and there will be more to come.  Continue to encourage those still deciding to become an owner to attend an event – this is a great time to ask questions and meet like-minded folks!
Through the month of March, the Directors have been busy. Katie and Carol attended the national cooperative conference, Up and Coming, in Indiana.  Upon their return they presented to all directors at a retreat held on March 26th.  This conference has been a great networking opportunity for Co-op directors over the past few years.
In addition, Rebecca and Don met with the General Manager of Stillwater’s River Market to see the store and discuss various aspects of the cooperative model. 
The Board continues to learn more and bring these experiences to support the growth of our cooperative.  We look forward to seeing many of you at our promotional events throughout the next few months.

HGC Ownership Challenge!

We’ve almost reached 400 owners (currently at 389) and we are grateful to all who have taken the important step of joining. But this also means that we need to move toward our next goals: 500 owners, 750 owners and then 1,000 owners to open our doors!
With 400 owners, what if every household was able to convince three neighbors, family members, and friends to join as well?  What if we could do that this summer? We would have 1,200 owners and could be well on our way to opening the doors of the Hudson Grocery Cooperative!
Let’s give it a try! Let’s challenge each other to talk to our neighbors, family, and friends to join!  Here’s the link to our website so that you can join online!
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