Great meals start with great tools.


Deluxe Interchangeable Utensil Kit

Why clutter your tabletop with excessive and unnecessary utensils? The new Create Recklessly Interchangeable Utensil Kit lets diners choose which utensil they want when they want it. The 17 interchangeable heads give diners the opportunity to customize their dining experience, for example...
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4 sizes to choose from

Straw Customization

Tired of herding multiple skinny straws around your glass? Try our patented "Straw Shepherd" head and gather those straws in one place. Straw too large? Our "Straw Reducer" head gently tapers the end of the straw for optimal flow.
4 sizes to choose from

Fork Customization

Salad fork, fish fork, cocktail fork, dessert fork, oyster fork, dinner fork... the list is endless. Fork overpopulation on dining tables was listed as the number one reason for diner dissatisfaction last year. Control the crowd with our single, double and triple prong forks, suitable for all food, casual to gourmet.
Over 10 great accessories


Biscotti too crunchy? Try out "Biscotti Breaker." Want to stir a little sugar in your coffee, try our "To the Point Stirrer" whose pointed tip reaches down into the corners of your glassware. Finally, display those gourmet salts in our perfectly sized salt cellar with spoon attachment.
Disclaimer: We insist that you DO NOT place the tools from our Deluxe Interchangeable Tool Kit in your mouth. They are sharp and not actually for food. So sharp they would work great on leather! Find out more on our blog at

And Happy April Fools!

PS: Thanks Tutta Bella for the table and props!
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