Field to Fork Organics is a veg bag scheme set up by local residents who are committed to supporting the growth of a more sustainable food system.

Dear friends and neighbours,

A couple of weeks ago, when we found out that Curled leaf's owners, Luli and Alketa, were taking a well-deserved holiday in August, we wondered to which shop on Mill lane we should turn to, to be a temporary pick-up point for our West Hampstead customers. We did not wonder for too long. On the advice of one of the ladies from Achillea flowers, we ended up pushing the door of the Alliance. Behind the counter, was Mike Keating, the pub landlord (see photo above). He spontaneously suggested his pub could become a permanent pick-up point. The reason for that is simple. Back in Waterford in the South of Ireland, Mike's Mum, now 85 year old, is still manning the dairy farm and growing vegetables for the whole family. So Mike doesn't need convincing about the virtues of eating good vegetables fresh from the ground. And his pub is opened until 11pm during the week, which means our customers on this side of West Hampstead and Kilburn will be able to pick-up their Veg Bag after work and maybe indulge in a quiet drink at the Alliance topped up with a chat with Mike -a short-lived accountant who has 'never regretted' to have gone for the pub 'lifestyle’.

At Field to Fork, we think that pubs are natural allies of veg bag schemes like ours. They normally have the space to take delivery of quite a few bags, a cold storage room for the (now gone?) hot summer days and they open until late - our friends in Herne Hill, Local Greens, mainly rely on pubs as pick-up points for their customers, by the way. But it also works the other way around: Field to Fork is a natural ally of pubs, at what is a difficult time for some of them. As you know, we are a veg bag scheme eager to play our part in joining up all the community dots in our neighbourhoods. And pubs are no doubt part of the food and community landscape. In Willesden Green, the Queensbury hosts a parents, babies and toddlers group every morning. Busy Rascals is actually one of our pick-up points. But the Queensbury is threatened with demolition because developers want to build flats instead. The company behind the new development has submitted their 2nd proposal, and you can still  make comments until September 2nd. So please take some time and let Fairview knows you, the local people of Willesden, think about their plans

See you around,

The Veg Team

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