Expenses can runaway with your profits so easy lets keep them under control.
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Happy Tuesday <<First Name>> hope your weekend was great. I spent mine hanging out with a bunch of highschool kids on the back of a lake. Lots of fun was had and some great opportunities for mentorship came up.

Today we're going to focus on expenses. Daniel Espinoza wrote a great article on taming your business expenses.

Having expenses run away on you is so easy. Last year (2012) I spent $4k on coffee and random eating out just because I wanted to work remotely. That was almost 10% of my income which is obviously pretty stupid.

Just a few months back I dropped $60/month in online expenses (assorted SaaS services) when I changed over to a pre-paid credit card. That was $60 a month I just decided was a waste of money because I actually had to watch the cash go on the card at the beginning of the month.

I had been spending that $60 for 6 months so I wasted $360 on crap. I don't know about you but my bank account isn't full and I could have found way better things to use that money on.

When I started out I used Billings as my invoicing software. Sure I had to make the Paypal invoices by hand each month but it was $50 I spent once and lasted me for years.

Take a second this week and list all your monthly expenses and see what you can cut.

Keep those expenses under control if you want your business to keep running.

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