I praise you because I am
    fearfully and wonderfully made;
  your works are wonderful,
  I know that full well.
                                           Psalm 139:14
Einstein made an interesting observation: “There are two ways to live your life – one is as though nothing is a miracle and the other is as if everything is a miracle.”
Which is your interpretation of life?
When I see young children like this little girl admiring a bug crawling around in a flower, I wish we as adults could also have that sense of wonder. I believe that if this girl knew what the word  meant, she would say the bug was miraculous.
I think I’ve mentioned before how my mother used to have such a positive spirit that she often exclaimed, “Isn’t that wonderful?” That’s such a great memory of her! I believe that most believers consider the amazing intricacies of life in the natural world wonderful – miracles created by God. As Christians, we frequently thank God for them.
One nonbeliever told me that he too thinks nature is wonderful – even amazing. But he would not call it a miracle. He has never thought to be thankful for the things he appreciates in nature. Problem is, he admits, he doesn’t have anyone to thank. That’s very sad. What a big hole he has in his life. Thanking God for beautiful things increases the joy. This man is missing out.
My husband Wes and I recently went on a camping trip. We experienced some wonderful things. As Wes fished on one lake, a seagull befriended him, following his boat all over the lake. He swam alongside, until he fell behind. Then he would fly back to get close to the boat again. He stayed with Wes the whole two hours he was out. Wes knew he was just looking for fish scraps, yet it was very neat to experience this.
At another lake Wes had the company of one of my favourite birds, the loon. It swam underwater underneath and beside the boat, waiting to grab hold of any fish Wes didn’t want, and even fish that he did want. Sure enough, when Wes threw back an eight inch trout, the loon swallowed it whole. Wes said it was incredible to see!
As I quietly sat reading at our campsite, a chipmunk visited, looking for handouts. The cute little creature got bolder and bolder, till at one point it scampered right across my lap. Wow!
My story wouldn’t be complete without telling you about the young bat that flew onto my shoulder. It was my first time seeing a bat in real life. What an interesting creature, but scary too!
Yes, God’s works are wonderful. But you know, the most amazing things He created were human beings like you and me. The Bible said He made us in His image. He made us to be creative like He is. Think of all the things the human race has created. Think of what our hands can do. Think of all the things our minds have imagined. Mindboggling!
Yes, God has made us into remarkable beings. Our lives are rich with possibilities. We have endless opportunities for what we can do and what we can be. And all we are is due to the help of our Creator God.
Do those thoughts sound too overwhelming? It could be at various points in our lives. Sometimes opportunities are a bit beyond us. At times we’re happy just to survive. It’s then that we need to remember the most important thing of all. God loves us. And He created us to love, as He loves. He made us to love Him and the people around us. He made us to be in relationship with Him.
To have God, the Creator of all that is, long to have us close is – in itself – incredible. Isn’t it?
Lord, help us not to take who you are and what you do for granted. Help us to realize the miracle.
Take care,
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