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Paddling to Winter
by Julie Buckles

Julie and Charly built a canoe together, got married, then embarked on The Trip, paddling from Lake Superior to Wollaston Lake in northern Saskatchewan. And that was just the beginning. This is their incredible true story. Coming in September!

Featured Selection

Murder Below Montparnasse
by Cara Black

Cara Black has written thirteen murder mysteries over the years, all set in Paris. Her heroine, private investigator Aimee Leduc , is a sassy, brash, smart, and sexy sleuth, who always figures out who did it. Aimee has a penchant for vintage fashion labels which she combines with the right shoes and hand bag to be perfectly dressed for whatever occasion; like an autopsy, or a shoot out. All of the titles of her books have a Paris connection and often Aimee acts like a tour guide as she wanders a maze of streets, alleys and boulevards searching for clues to solve the latest murder mystery. Her newest book, Murder Below Montparnasse is no exception as Aimee attempts to solve the murders that happen after the discovery of a piece of art missing for decades. If you like the romantic allure of Paris, enjoy a complex plot with lots of surprises, enjoy good food and wine, then this is the series for you.

Featured Selection

orphan train cover image
Winter in the Blood
by James Welch

We’ve written in these notes about three of our favorite books: Laughing Boy by Oliver LaFarge (1927); The Man Who Killed the Deer by Frank Waters (1942); and, Halfway Man by Wayland Drew (1989).  Our friend Peter Geye (Lighthouse Road) steered us to this beautiful little book published in 1974 that is a worthy addition that trail of literary tears. Each presents a haunting lament of the tectonic impact of European incursion into Native America. Louise Erdrich calls it, “A work of slim majesty, lean, rich, funny, and grim.” The book began as a poem and retains the tone of elegy for the life of the Blackfeet of the Montana Great Plains. As Welch himself has said he is a storyteller “from a long way back.” It is a story that will resonate into the future.

Featured Selection

orphan train cover image
Fun With Problems
by Robert Stone

As Jon Krakauer once wrote about climbing Mt. Everest, “It’s something like fun, only different!” The same might be said for this book. Stone has written beautifully for decades. His Vietnam War novel Dog Soldiers is a classic of the genre. These seven stories are grim profiles of a variety of failing characters set in diverse locales – New England, Silicon Valley, the Eastern Shore, Hollywood, the Caribbean. These places are rendered as characters as much as the junkies and other losers that inhabit them. It’s a short walk on the dark, dark side for those so inclined and with great writing to boot. For some, it might be toxic. Hmmmmm…he rode on the bus with Ken Kesey!
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Bayfield, Wisconsin
Island Notes Blog
It’s been a signature Bayfield summer week. Clear, breezy days in the 70’s. Berry picking at Blue Vista Farm. Cherries from Apple Hill. Goat cheese from Sassy Nanny. Bread from Coco’s. Our own garden has reached its climax. Our new flock of Ameraucana hens is producing a cornucopia of colored eggs. And then last night at dinner we looked up and there it was! High in a towering maple – the first spray of autumn leaves!

And the book world goes around, too, here in Chequamegon country. Old friends are back: New York Times' bestselling author William Kent Krueger’s new book in the Cork O'Connor series  – Tamarack County – will be on the shelf on Tuesday. This coming Friday at 4pm we host the ever-entertaining, wise and funny Michael Perry (author of Visiting Tom now out in paperback!) at the Bayfield Inn for a reading and signing session. Our friend, and local author, Julie Buckles will be releasing her first book Paddling to Winter, and we will be co-hosting a reading and signing event at StageNorth in September. Also coming this September for the lovers of Madeline Island, Madeline Island Summer Houses: An Intimate Journey by Linda Mack, will be published early September. Both Julie's and Linda's books can be pre-ordered at our shop!

The summer residents of Madeline Island and Bayfield are coming in for their last visits before returning home. But, the parade of ice cream cones continues to flow down Rittenhouse Avenue from the Candy Shoppe and it’s still summer!

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Michael Perry Reading & Signing
August 23rd, 4pm
Bayfield Inn

Once again, bestselling author Michael Perry will be joining us to talk about his books and to share stories about his life and the people in it. Michael's latest book, Visiting Tom was released in paperback on August 12th, and we're thrilled to be a stop on this tour!

This photo was taken at Mike's recent performance at Big Top Chautauqua. We were happy to include Connie Ross from the Madeline Island Library as our special guest.

What we're reading...

There is no shortage of books written for and about women. We have sold over 200 copies of One Thousand White Women by Jim Fergus - a journal of a woman who marries a Native chief in the 1860's. For something a little more intense, one might choose to read Serena by Ron Rash - the story of a woman determined to murder the son of her husband's mistress.
If you enjoyed One Thousand White Women, you may want to consider Moloka'i, by Alan Brennert. This is the story of Rachel, who is diagnosed with Hansen’s disease (Leprosy) when she is 6 years old, removed from her family and sent to Kalaupapa, a settlement on the island of Moloka’i. Her story is rich with details of life in a Leprosy Settlement and what it was like to live with a disease dreaded and feared by society. While there is quite a bit of tragedy in this story, this darkness is balanced with examples of the courage and strength of the human spirit that faces adversity and triumphs.

For those interested in a non-fiction story, you might be interested in Nothing Daunted, by Dorothy Wickenden. The author's grandmother was one of two women who traveled from the upper class area of New York to become teachers in the wilds of Northern Colorado in 1916. While they knew they were in for an adventure, they didn't know that they would also be considered prospective brides for the colorful locals!
Touching a Nerve
by Patricia S. Churchland

The nerve that’s touched here is the author’s assertion that everything we feel and think stems not from an immaterial spirit but from electrical and chemical activity in our brains. In other words: No soul! Only Brain! So, can humans still live a moral and spiritual life without a soul? You bet they can, according to Churchland, and off she goes into the current state of neuroscience with surpassing clarity, elegance and humor. Values? Free will? The self? Criminal intent? She is careful to avoid polemics and sticks to the power of the data. The scientific content is not a walk in the park, but is made reasonably understandable to the lay reader. A thoroughly thought-provoking book.
Ready Player One
by Ernest Cline

Imagine Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or Willy Wonka for the movie fans, was set in the not too distant future but the Oompa Loompas sang your favorite pop songs from the 1980s instead of slightly disturbing mantras about proper manners. Imagine Wonka quoting The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off while playing Q-Bert on an Atari 2600. While you are at it, imagine what the world would be like if everyone had access to a virtual reality universe that seems endless. Give poor Charlie Bucket access to this virtual world and watch everyone hunt for the golden ticket, or Easter Egg, left by one of the multi-billionaires that created this virtual world. Put all of those things together with a dash of The Matrix, a hint of Dungeons and Dragons, and a mountain of mixed tapes and VHS classics and you have Ernest Cline’s novel Ready Player One. Whether or not your teenage years were spent watching actual music videos on MTV or dropping quarters into games like Space Invaders or Pitfall this novel will be hard to put down.

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