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Hi <<First Name>>

This week I travelled through Finland and was completely surprised by how sunny and warm it was, even around the arctic circle! Here I've packed all my thermal underwear and fleece sweaters for nothing -OOPS. After a day of networking at the 'PING Festival', me and a small group of bloggers from Finland and Austria travelled to Ruka-Kuusamo in the North of Finland. 

The purpose of the trip was to learn more about sustainability in travel and to see what the possibilities are to travel out of season in a true Winter destination. Turns out, there is PLENTY to see and do here, which I'll tell you all about more in an upcoming blog. Have you ever been to a destination outside of the main tourist season? What was your experience? I would love to hear about it! 

Before I'm back to London, there is another adventure ahead of me next week, as I've just arrived in Reykjavik in Iceland to go on a true "Astronaut Training Bootcamp" with the amazing people from 'Space Nation', a space media and experiences company. You can follow along via the hashtag #SpaceNationIceland on Twitter and Instagram and of course I'm sharing as much as possible live on Instagram Stories. Follow me here

- Nienke

Hope you'll have a great rest of your weekend and start of the week after! Here are some of the best articles I could find around the internet for you this week:

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The Culture Shock of Coming Home

"After a year of mind-blowing adventures, I was back to where I started. My friends don’t understand the new me, didn’t want to hear about your time sailing the Pacific while they sat in rush hour, or don’t get why my feel so uncomfortable being back."

The Truth About Traveling: Being Respectful as a Tourist

"Remember to stop and really take in what’s around you and what it means, instead of just trying to get an Instagram-posed photograph."


Want to Lead a Happy Life? Science Says to Focus on These 10 Things

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Travel: For the Mind, Body and Spirit

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Unique Ways to Volunteer Abroad

"While I do consider volunteering abroad a beautiful way to experience a country, not all charities are created equally. It’s great to help out, but researching the charitable organization before committing is essential."



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