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Hi <<First Name>>

Here in England, we're still in the middle of a heat wave, and so during my short trip to the UNESCO city of Bath, I was in luck! 

I was invited by the University of Bath to stay on their campus, which they open in Summer to visitors for a very low price. My room was only 6 square meters, but had everything I need: a comfy bed, desk to work at, closet, en-suite bathroom with shower and even some incredible mood lights :)

As a guest, you can use their facilities, which meant we did a morning yoga session, had an amazing breakfast in the cafeteria, got to use the Olympic(!) swimming pool, had an incredible lunch next to their grassy grounds, walked with the ducks (who are famous here) and even got to check out their fake castle (called 'Sham Castle'), from which you had stunning views over the rest of city. 

I can really recommend staying here when you're travelling with a family or a group of friends (there is also a kitchen and lounge room to use). More info can be found at:

In Bath, we didn't get to spend much time at the historic sights, such as the Roman Baths (will come back for them for sure), but we explored the more unique activities in the city, such as their craft brewery, a fantastic gelato place, stand-up paddle boarding and much more that I'll share on the blog soon.

You can see some fun updates from my fellow travel bloggers on this trip here:   @_chelsea_em   @a_girlwhotravels    @laurasidestreet   @theowletblog   @psychotraveller   @the_flyaway_girl   @sophieannenadeau

Have you ever been to Bath or would you like to see it? Let me know! For now, have a great rest of your weekend, Nick and I are going to enjoy the sun a bit more and then I'll talk to you again next week! 

- Nienke

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