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Hi <<First Name>>

I hope your week was as sunny as ours! We travelled to Rotterdam in The Netherlands to attend (and speak at) the Traverse Events Blogging Conference (with AMAZING weather) and had such an good time connecting with familiar and new blogging friends from all around the world!

My presentation about bilingual blogging, together with Sofie from went really well and we got some great feedback! I also got to attend quite a few inspirational and practical talks by other bloggers about branding, working with brands and photo editing techniques. It's amazing how much collective knowledge there is in the blogging community and this conference is a perfect way to share it all! 

On the opening party night, I was invited to do a so-called 'bedtalk' at The Student Hotel, a great hotel & student accommodation + creative co-working space close to the Erasmus university in Rotterdam. I was paired up with writer, speaker and cultural anthropologist Roanne van Voorst to talk about all things authentic travel and gathered some like-minded bloggers in our bedroom to have a casual talk about sustainable and meaningful travel. Such a fun concept and I really enjoyed it.

It's been exactly 5 years since I met the people of the international travel blogging community (also here in Rotterdam!) and it's incredible most of us are still a close group of friends who can work and laugh together so much, no matter where in the world we are. I feel energized to work more on the blog and after a bit of sightseeing in our own country, we're ready to go home and process all the experiences of this week!

Let me know what inspired you last week and then I'll talk to you soon,

- Nienke


Have a fantastic week and enjoy the following interesting reads that I collected for you from all around the internet:

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Indigenous Tourism in Alberta, Canada

"This feels like the beginning of a chance to stretch my mind beyond my privileged understanding and views of where I came from. Let tourism be my vehicle to do so."

Visit Rottnest Island to see the Quokkas, the ‘Happiest Animal in the World’.

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50 Fascinating Facts About Guatemalan Culture

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(guest post by our friend Daisy, an anti-food waste expert!)


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