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Hi <<First Name>>

Sunny greetings from London... oh no, Breda... oh no, Venlo... oh no, Amsterdam! Ah! It's really one of those weeks where I feel like a tourist on a big tour bus, 'doing Europe' in a week.

Sunday? That must be Berlin then! *snapsnapsnap*

Nick and I are in The Netherlands because this Thursday, his cousin got married in the charming Dutch city of Breda and after that, it was straight to Venlo (Nick's home town) for a catch up with friends at a party.

The party was aptly themed 'La Dolce Vita' and we all dressed up like Italians... such as the Mario Brothers, like Nick and I did. (Give us any good reason to wear a fake moustache and we're in, really). 

After the party, it was on to Amsterdam to see my family on Saturday, before we're back at the airport in Eindhoven to fly home. Yeah, living abroad is fun, but definitely exhausting sometimes!

Next week, there is hardly time for any rest, because I'm visiting the English city of Bath to discover some of it's more unexpected activities... I will keep you posted when I find out more. Make sure to check out Instagram Stories (@thetraveltester @thelondontester) for live updates! 

That's it for now, let's enjoy the rest of this Sunday and let me know how your weekend has been. Then I'll speak to you again next weekend!

- Nienke

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