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Hi <<First Name>>

Being an introvert, I always need to recharge after a couple of days around people. So where last week I went on four photo walks, one social blogger event and drinks with Nick's colleagues, I am happy that most of this week, I've just been working from home.

I spend my time catching up on work (writing lots of new destination guides and product reviews) and to prepare for more social time next week, when we're having friends from The Netherlands over! 

But, before that, there was one small thing to celebrate though... and that's the fact that yesterday, I turned 3*ugh*5. Nick and I are currently celebrating in the city of Bristol, where we've been invited to board the SS Great Britain (the longest passenger ship in the world from 1845 to 1854 and currently a museum ship) and are doing not much else than walking, eating (Afternoon Tea!) and taking in the sights, perfect!

I hope you're having a relaxing weekend as well, let me know what you're up to. 

Talk soon,


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"Adventure makes us feel the whole life is comprehended and consummated. Adventure lives in the present, and is not determined by the past, or the future."

Can Creativity Be Taught? The Importance of a Creative Education

"Creativity isn’t just responsible for crayon drawings hanging on refrigerators and canvases on gallery walls — research suggests that creative individuals tend to earn more money, live happier lives, and generate more new ideas across all industries."

How to approach your first solo trip as an introvert

"Do you dream of taking a solo trip, but your fears are getting the better of you? Or do you secretly wonder if that travel style is only suitable for outgoing extroverts? Don’t worry, we got your back."

How Rest Boosts Your Creativity

"I’ve made it my mission to learn what it takes to “hack” my creativity and find ways to kick-start those creative juices when the well runs dry. One of the biggest hacks I’ve discovered is the importance of rest and relaxation."

20+ Camping Tips & Tricks for Responsible Travelers

"If you’re wondering how you can travel more responsibly this summer, why not consider camping? Spending time in the great outdoors allows you to skip the massive carbon footprint of air travel, avoid overpriced meals, and lessen your stress by avoiding big crowds and keeping things simple."

The Happiest Places In The World

"The World Happiness Report, which ranks 156 countries in terms of the happiness of its citizens, makes for some interesting reading and the differences between nations, even continents, can be extreme."

How to develop your Growth Mind Set with the use of the Great Outdoors

"As an experienced teacher, I'm an advocate of all things developed through methods of creative learning, and continually seeking every opportunity to use the Great Outdoors, as an extension of the classroom."

Peanuts Marks 50 Years in Space with New NASA Mission for Snoopy

"NASA has a new mission for Snoopy, 50 years after the comic strip beagle first entered service for the U.S. space program."



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