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Tuesday = Travelday!

Hi there! 

Short story for you today: 
Now, let's start by saying that I'm a very down to earth person. I'm not religious, not really spiritual, maybe just a bit sentimental every now and then. But I do have an open mind and am immensely curious about self-improvement and self-development.

A long, long time ago I came across the concept of the Law of Attraction. Perhaps you've heard of it. It's the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. And no matter what anyone tells you, it works. I am sure of that. In fact, it just happened to me!

Remember how last week I worked for almost 3 days on my Great Britain Bucket List post? I listed all the beautiful places you should visit in England, Scotland and Wales. Some of them I have been to and recommend, but most of them I wish to visit soon.

And that's where the law of attraction comes in. In short, this is what happened (and how you can try it out yourself):
  1. Be sure about what you want (That was easy: Seeing more of the UK)
  2. Ask the universe for it: visualize (I created a Pinterest board and looked for photos of all the destinations I wanted to visit to include in my blog post, I also went through hundreds of blogs looking for ideas)
  3. Write your wish down (I finally finished the post after 3 days! pfew!)
  4. Feel the way you would feel after receiving your wish (I got really excited about how beautiful Great Britain is and could see Nick and I exploring these places together, we already talked about possible (day)trips to do first and realized most places aren't actually that far from London. Perhaps by train, perhaps rent a car, we weren't sure about the how, but it all seemed possible)
  5. Show gratitude (We got a really nice comment on the blog from someone living in England telling us how they realized they always travelled abroad and didn't see much of home, so they set a new years resolution of visiting 10 new places that year -and they did! This was really motivating and made me realize that we have such a great opportunity of getting to know this country a lot better, while we are still here as expats!)
  6. Trust the universe (I truly believed we would be able to see a lot of places from this list... just waiting on the right time..)
... and then we got an email today:
Yes, that's right. Virgin Trains has a 3-day long seat sale going on. What better sign can the universe give than that! Haha! I called Nick right away and we jumped on this offer before it was too late. (another big part of the Law of Attraction: you have to take action when needed)

So... long story short: we'll be visiting Birmingham for a day trip in April, which was only 4 pounds per person one way (!),  and we will be going to Glasgow for a couple of days this month, for just 14 pounds one way per person. We just saved over 300 pounds of train fare... and we get to see more of England and Scotland... how exciting is that! 

I just had to share this :) But let me know: are you a believer of the law of attraction or do you think I just want to believe it and was just lucky? Either way, love to hear from you!

Have a great week,
Greetz from Nienke (and Nick of course, but he's drawing a house at the moment.. someone has to do it)

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