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Tuesday = Travelday!

When I woke up this morning, as usual I went through a couple of my favourite Snapchat accounts to see what life is like in other places in the world and I heard about the recent events in Brussels.  

Leah from @leahtravels was literally about to board a train to Brussels when friends told her to get off. She hesitated first, but listened to her friends, listened to the feeling that her dad might be worried... listened to her heart even though she didn't understand exactly why or what was happening.

I made a similar decision this week by cancelling a trip to Turkey. Even though the trip would have been amazing, with great people and in a country I'd never been to... it just didn't feel right anymore. And for that reason it was one of the shittiest things to decide.

Like Leah said in her snaps: 'it's not THAT I'm missing this trip, it's WHY. Why would people keep doing these horrible things. Why can't we just all.... LIVE?'

I've been asking myself the same questions, but I don't think we can really answer this. And so we can only look forward. Like Nick just said to me: Let's just do our best to be as much at the other side of the scale as possible. Focus on being good, positive and nice people to those around us. Because that's perhaps the only thing we can all actively do at this point. 

xx Nienke

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