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Hi <<First Name>>

Hope you are well! This was a super busy week, with lots of walking as we got to test the new Samsung S9+ all around London for a fun little project we're doing with Three UK. The best of these mobile phone photos will be exhibited in the Herrick Gallery in London on August 1 and 2, how cool is that?! You can see some of the action from participating bloggers via the hashtags #GoRoam and #ThreeGallery.

I went on 4 different photo walks, around Tower Bridge, the Millennium Bridge, Kensington and Leadenhall Market and got some nice shots. Now it's time to edit them and submit... Exciting!

The rest of the week pretty much involved me sitting behind the laptop writing new content or opening the front door because another parcel got delivered. I'm doing a few other cool product reviews in the next weeks (ranging from books to hiking shoes and backpacks), so keep an eye out on the blog to see some cool new travel (related) gear appear!

If there are any products you'd like us to test (or perhaps give away in a competition) for your upcoming travels, please message us so we know what you'd be interested in! 

For now, have a great rest of your weekend and speak to you next week,


Enjoy the following reads that I collected for you from all around the internet:

4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Space Center Houston

As a kid movies like “Space Camp” and of course the “Star Trek” franchise instilled in me a deep love of space and exploration, and I couldn’t wait to spend some time at this world-famous facility.

4 Ways to Help You Broaden Your Cultural Horizons

Jeffrey Fry once famously said; “To be taken seriously, try being educated instead of opinionated.” This is a very wise sentiment, and the more we learn about the world, the more we can learn about ourselves.

Glamping in Ontario: The Long Point Eco-Adventure Experience

If you want to get close to nature, but not so close that you’re sleeping on the ground, give glamping a shot!

The Japanese Concept of ‘Mottainai’

Japanese textiles have a deep culture of minimalism, connection, and no waste. The ancient term ‘Mottainai’, linked to Buddhist philosophy, means too good to waste.

Go a Little Greener: 7 Eco-Friendly Summer Tips

Many of these tips are just very small tweaks to your routines and habits that really do not require a monumental effort. And the more you do them, the more natural they become.

My Best Morning Routines for Productivity and Happiness    

Good morning motivation routines and daily habits can be the roadmap for a happier and healthier life. It took me years of working for myself to grasp this.

Why Travel Is Important

Why is travel such a common desire among people? Why do we want to go through the trouble and the expense to visit a foreign land? A place where we most likely don’t know the language or how basic things such as transportation work. It would be so much easier and cheaper to stay close to home.

How to be a Greener Traveller

How to be a greener traveller isn’t rocket science, it just involves making more conscious decisions about how you travel and learning how to say no to things like plastic.



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