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Hi <<First Name>>

This week really didn't get more exciting than the fact that Nick bought new shoes, and I ordered some new make-up online... yes, sometimes we have a week where we just work and do not much else, if you can believe it :)

BUT, that said, this weekend became a bit more interesting, because I'm currently in... Brussels! I'm here with a couple of lovely bloggers that participated in British blogger Monica Stott's The Blogger Course (affiliate link - if you consider doing any blogger course, this is the one!) and we've been sponsored by WowTrip for a surprise weekend in Europe. 

Basically, you tell them when you want to travel, how long and where from... and then the system generates a location for you to explore (they get your flights and a hotel, the rest is up to you). Now, I must be honest: I wasn't too thrilled about Brussels, because I've been here before and it's waaaayy to close to home to really spark my curiousity (it's just 2 hours on the Eurostar)... but we have a great group and lots of fun, so in the end it worked out. 

Also, I think I'm just too big of a control freak, because just the thought of someone else deciding where you go on a holiday isn't something that makes me particularly happy, haha. But let me know, am I missing something in the fun here? Would you go to the airport not knowing where you'd travel to that day? 

That's it for now, I hope you have a lovely weekend as well (with or without surprises) and I'll speak to you again next week! 

- Nienke

Expect our Brussels Guide on the blog soon!

Enjoy the following reads that I collected for you from all around the internet:

A visit to the Eden Project in England

"The Eden Project is actually 2 huge biomes holding different plants from all around the world – a gigantic greenhouse, if you will. Located in the bowels of what used to be a deep clay pit, it was one of the big Millennium Projects in Britain which opened in March 2001."

Volunteering With Leatherback Turtles – An Anniversary to Remember

"“OK guys, there’s been a turtle spotting”. “This isn’t ‘our’ turtle and the other team will be taking point on this one, but you can go down the beach to have a look”..."

Tauranga Nightlife: Consider a Kayak Glow Worm Tour

"Bathed by the moonlight, the guided night kayak tours are surprisingly peaceful. It didn’t take long before we reached the canyon wall. Rafted together, we turned off our torches (flashlights) and the magic of the glow worm canyon enveloped us."

Astronaut Training In Iceland - VLOG

"In this video, I briefly talk about the role Iceland has played and continues to play in the Space race."

World Oceans Day – 10 Ways to Save the Oceans

"Now is not the time to shut your eyes and avoid the suffering in the world."

10 Easy tips to Green Travel for the lazy Traveler

"I like to think if everybody would just be a little more mindful trying to travel a little greener we would get a lot further when it comes to eco-friendly tourism and living in general"

How to Visit the Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range in Japan

"If you want to visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is not a one-stop attraction but rather a region that you can plan a whole trip around, which is exactly what I did in winter at the begining of 2018"

Make Holidays Greener: How to reduce your plastic use while travelling 

"I was brought up on the ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ message and, while I’m at home, it’s second nature to do everything I can to avoid wastage – whether that’s water, electricity, food or packaging. However, while travelling it can be a different story."






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