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Stephen Lewis: The Week in Review 128 — The UN Admits Responsibility in Haiti

The Week in Review

August 19, 2016: Stephen Lewis comments on the news that the United Nations has finally admitted its role in causing the 2010 cholera outbreak in Haiti. Watch the commentary now.

This commentary was taped on Thursday morning, August 18th.  On Thursday night the 2nd Circuit Court released its decision on the challenge to UN immunity in the Haiti cholera case.  The court upheld the UN’s immunity, without making any provision for justice for the victims.  As always, the UN never appeared in court: the case was argued on the UN’s behalf by an attorney from the United States government.  The case can be appealed to the US Supreme Court. Whether or not an appeal is launched, AIDS-Free World expects that the UN will now carry out its undertaking to provide a package of reforms to solve the ongoing cholera crisis in Haiti.  Much will depend on who emerges as the next Secretary-General … there is one candidate who is largely responsible for the deeply offensive way in which the UN has handled cholera in Haiti.  But more of that later.  For the present, we rely on the finding of Professor Philip Alston, Special Rapporteur for Poverty and Human Rights, that the actions of the UN were and are “legally indefensible.”

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