Last Chance for Spring Fruit Trees!
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Hello, Friends.
Spring shipping has just about wrapped,
but there are a few trees left!
We hope your orchards are full of blossoms and you are having a good time getting your new trees in the ground.  Here on the farm, we have almost emptied the barn—but there are a few apple and pear trees left.  We are sold out of everything else!

← Our online inventory of apples and pears is up to date, BUT it only represents our top 3 grades.  We have a 4th "secret" grade that we call 5/16.  You can see the 5/16 inventory, along with all the other grades, in these docs:

Apple PDF | Pear PDF

The 5/16 trees are also called "JuneBuds" because they were budded onto 2-year stock last June.  A 5/16 is anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 feet tall and roughly the diameter of a pencil.  They are small, but they are healthy, and a 5/16 planted now will typically make 2-3 feet of growth in a season if properly cared for. 
Which rootstocks are they on?  If you look at the PDFs, you will see that we still have trees on a variety of stock types:
  • Dwarf Apple - G.41, G.11, B.9, G.16
  • Semidwarf Apple - G.935, G.202, G.11/MM.111, G.30, M.7
  • Full-size Apple - MM.111 and B.118
  • Dwarf Pear - Quince
  • Semidwarf Pear - OHF 87
  • Full-size Pear - OHF 97
For example, as of May 7, we have:
  • 20 Porters Perfection (5/16) on dwarf rootstock G.41
  • 68 Zestar (5/16) on dwarf G.11
  • 11 Esopus Spitzenburg (5/16) on G.11
You get the idea!  See the Apple PDF and the Pear PDF to get the last trees of the season.  These trees are all in great condition and just need to find good homes.

How to Order

We may not be able to take your order by phone if we are out in the field.  The best way to order is by email:

Tino, Alan, or Steve will reply.  Email is best because it cuts down on mistakes.  However, feel free to call with questions:  Alan (607-592-2801), Steve (607-227-6147).

Thanks for a Great Season

Don't forget, it will be MOTHER'S DAY soon. We bet Mom would love an apple tree—or an apple orchard!!!  Thanks for reading and thanks again for your orders this season.  Stay tuned for our next newsletter coming out this summer.

— Steve, Alan, Tino, Tony and the Cummins Nursery gang

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