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A Wholesome and Delicious Gift.

You can send Apple Boxes to your loved ones and order some for yourself!  Each box contains 14 beautiful fruits, harvested and selected by hand here at Cummins Nursery.  We grow over 70 varieties for public picking, but we have saved these premium specimens for your Apple Boxes!

What's Inside?

In your Heirloom Harvest Apple Box, you'll get 14 antique and exotic apples that you won't find in the grocery stores.  Each box comes with a printed insert that describes each fruit, and you can include a gift message.  Selections from the Cummins catalog include Ashmead's Kernel, Black Oxford, Calville Blanc, Roxbury Russet, Claygate Pearmain, Cox's Orange Pippin, Esopus Spitzenburg, and more.

Price and Delivery.

Each Heirloom Harvest Apple Box is priced at just $45.  Add $10 per box for shipping.  The web site will add an additional $5 per box for shipping to CA, AZ, WA, OR, ID, NV, UT.  Please remember that shipping to these western states requires a few more days in transit.  Order by December 15 for Christmas.

How to Order.

You can order Apple Boxes with your credit card through the Cummins Nursery site:
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For delivery by Christmas, place your orders by Thursday, December 15.  We could sell out before then, so place your orders now to reserve your boxes.

If you are sending an Apple Box as a gift and would like us to include your name or a brief message, please type your message in the "Instructions to us about your order" field during checkout.

If you are shipping Apple Boxes to multiple addresses, place a separate order for each address.

We will choose a shipping method depending on the time and location so that your apples do not freeze in transit.  The boxes are specially lined with foam to protect the apples from impact, and a cardboard sleeve will preserve the white gift box.  No wrapping to do — just hand the box to your friends!  The apples are refrigerated until the point of transit, but not during.  Please refrigerate them upon receipt if any of them are to be stored for more than 24 hours prior to consumption.

If you want to order fruit trees, please place a separate order from your Apple Box order.  If you have questions, please email us:

Happy Holidays!

~ Steve, Dad, Tony, Alan, Dusky, Amanda, Tino, Emily, Greg, Tommy, Surik, Sam, and the whole Cummins Nursery gang

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