Still Time to Order Spring Fruit Trees!
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Hi, Folks.

A quick reminder—You can still order trees
for spring planting.  See below for varieties
and a little tutorial on bench grafting.


Coming Soon

Spring shipping is around the corner, so many of you will hear from us again soon.  Thanks for reading and best wishes.

— Steve, Alan, Tino and the whole nursery gang

WELL, AS ALWAYS, there were a few order cancellations this year, so some varieties may have “reappeared” on the inventory since you last checked in.

Perry pears were the big surprise.  We always sell out fast, but after a cancellation we now have quite a few that need good homes.

← You can use the links on the left to see the inventory of each type of tree.  Our online inventory is the real thing.  Each time a tree is sold it is removed from the inventory.

On the Pears page, the Perry pears are:  Barland - Barnet - Blakeney Red - Brandy - Butt - Gelmostler - Hendre Huffcap - Normanischin - Romanian - Winnals Longdon - Yellow Huffcap

How to Order

The best way to order is to email us at  Alan, Tino, or Steve will reply.  Email is best because it cuts down on mistakes.  However, feel free to call us for advice:  Alan (607-592-2801), Steve (607-227-6147). 

We may not be able to take your order by phone if we are out in the field, but we should be able to answer your questions.

Rootstocks and Scion

We still have rootstocks for those of you that would like to try your hand at grafting.
  • Full:  P.18, MM.111
  • Semidwarf:  G.30, M.7
  • Dwarf:  G.11, G.65 (<200 of each)
We do not offer scion at this time.  We barely have enough to supply our own needs.

Learn:  Bench Grafting

We hope to have our own set of instructional videos someday, but meanwhile this video from Seedsavers is very well done.  There are a few things we would add:
  1. If you cannot match the scion to the rootstock then match one side.  Do not split the difference.  A one-sided graft works just fine.
  2. We use a 50/50 mix of parafin and beeswax as our sealer.  A double boiler is the way to keep the wax blend from getting too hot.  A coffee can within a larger coffee can works great.
  3. We store our grafts anywhere from 2-12 weeks before planting.  We start grafting in January and finish up the last week of April with a targeted planting date of May 15-20.  We like to plant after the threat of frost is past.
  4. Acclimate your grafts outside in the shade for a few days.  The perfect planting stage is a graft that is just showing signs of green tip and has been hardened off for a few days.  Plant on a cloudy day. (Planting in the rain is about perfect for small jobs.)
  5. Put up tomato stakes for birds to land on.  A black bird will always pick the highest point to perch on.  If a graft is the highest point in your nursery, it will perch on your graft and snap it off.  It will then move to the next and the next and so on.  Goodbye grafts!
  6. Keep the weeds out, and water regularly.
  7. Visit your plants regularly.  A nursery is just what its name implies.  Your plants thrive with attention!

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